WhatsApp Transparent APK 2021 Download Anti-Ban Original App

WhatsApp Transparent APK is a modded version of WhatsApp official version and comes with interesting features to help you get engaged into amazing and impressive world of interactive communication. This version allows you to make video calls and send voice memos on different multiple files. You will enjoy the transparent display in this version along with improved user interface and protection too.

NameWhatsApp Transparent APK


Updated on15 August 2021
Size42.7 MB
RequirementsAndroid 4.0+

This version hands over the customization to you so that you can enjoy customizing your WhatsApp the way you want. With the help of its improved hiding system you can enjoy the best DND model and anti boycott system too. In this application you will have the complete control over your privacy in order to make it more secure. With its don’t disturb mode you can stay undisturbed any time you want and it allows you to share larger files so that your conversations become more interactive and effective.

Key Features

WhatsApp users will be pleases to use WhatsApp Transparent APK as it comes with numerous interesting features making your conversations more secure, private and interactive. Have a look at the amazing features of WhatsApp Transparent APK.

WhatsApp Transparent APK
infographic: WhatsApp Transparent APK

Hide the blue tick

If you’re busy and suddenly receiving messages that you want to reply then don’t worry you can only see them and hide them from being blue ticked in this version of WhatsApp.

Share more data at a time

Sharing only 16 mbs data at a time has always been frustrating for WhatsApp users but don’t worry with the help of Transparent WhatsApp APK you will be able to share up to 1 GB data at a time.

Send more media files

You always have to send 10 files at a time in the original version of WhatsApp that some how makes your conversations distributed and less effective but in WhatsApp Transparent APK you can now send up to 90 pictures at a time and be more better at conversations.

Anti ban system

You don’t have to worry about that this app being blocked by the official version. Anti ban feature is installed and it keeps the app secure from being banned.

Don’t disturb mode

Being busy in a meeting and getting messages again and again is really a frustrating thing. Like WhatsApp Tweaker APK, in WhatsApp Transparent APK you can get rid of this as this feature allows you to enable don’t disturb mood and you will not get messages.

How to Download and Install WhatsApp Transparent APK

Downloading this App is as simple and easy as downloading the official version. Follow the steps below to download it and install it on your android device.

  1. Firstly, click on the link given below to download the WhatsApp Transparent APK.
  2. After Downloading it, Allow other sources install from your mobile settings and get it installed.
  3. After the installation process is done, you can easily log in to it with your phone number.
  4. If you are willing to back up your old WhatsApp, you can backup your chat by going to the settings in the WhatsApp and clicking on “Chats.”

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1: Is WhatsApp Transparent APK safe from being banned by original WhatsApp?

Yes, this version is safe from being banned with the help of its anti-ban system.

2: Can we conceal the blue tick for messages in WhatsApp Transparent APK?

Yes, with its hide the blue tick features you can hide your last seen status in WhatsApp Transparent APK.

WhatsApp Transparent APK Conclusion

Modded versions of WhatsApp are need of the time these days as it offers you numerous features that make your conversations impactful and amazing. You can’t stay undisturbed in this version as it has the don’t disturb mode that can be enabled at any hour. Your security is ensured through this app as it has the anti ban system that makes is unable to be banned by the original WhatsApp messenger. You will be impressive throughout your conversation as it allows you send extra files with more data that includes 1 GB video at a time and 90 pictures in one go. To make your WhatsApp more private you can hide the blue tick as well. So just get this modded version from our website and enjoy interactive conversation. Further more, you can also check and download another mod of whatsapp from our website which is WhatsApp Reborn APK.

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