WhatsApp Plus Holo APK 2022 Download Anti-Ban Original App

People who love chatting via WhatsApp are tired of its single theme and less features therefore users switch to modded versions of WhatsApp. WhatsApp Plus Holo APK is an awesome developed version of WhatsApp equipped with amazing features to make interactive communications possible.

NameWhatsApp Plus Holo APk


Updated on22 August 2021
Size7.2 MB
RequirementsAndroid 2.1+

This modded version of WhatsApp comes with a lot of expanded features that allow the users to change the colours, themes and fonts of the WhatsApp messenger. In addtion, This app can be customized the way you want to with the help of its amazing themes available within the app. Like Yo Whatsapp APK, it also offers the users o share more multi media that too with high quality. Awesome fonts and emoji’s are available as well that make your chats more awesome and impressive. All the features of WhatsApp Plus can be accessed in this version but with a holo interface.

Key Features

This modded version of WhatsApp comes with numerous catchy features and modifications that will help you communicate effectively. Check out the awesome features mentioned below.

WhatsApp Plus Holo APK features
Ingfographic: WhatsApp Plus Holo APK features


To start with, you will really love using this app as it allows you to customize the app they way you want to. It has a lot of choices that you can choose to select the interface of your own preference and make your WhatsApp cooler.

Different themes

We all choose things according to our moods. WhatsApp Plus Holo APK takes care of this thing as well and allows you to select themes of your choice depending on your mood and have fun changing the themes when the mood changes.

Share Large File

One of the major communication faults in WhatsApp is it doesn’t allow you to send more than 16 pictures at a time and limits video sending to 16 mbs only. Although, in this modded version your communication will be more effective and interactive as this version allows you to end large audio files and video files via this app.

Send images in original resolutions

WhatsApp users always complain about WhatsApp harming the resolution of the pictures. However, you wont face this issue any more as WhatsApp Plus Holo. It allows you to send images in their original quality. And their pixels aren’t broken when they are sent are received via WhatsApp Plus Holo.

A wide collection of emoji’s

Emoji’s perform a great role in making the conversations more expressive and fun. Therefore, this modded version of WhatsApp comes with a wide range of awesome emoji’s that you can use to express your chats and communicate more impressively.

Change Fonts

This version of WhatsApp allows you to change the fonts according to your preference. The fonts can be made small or bigger as well so that people of every age can use this version easily.

How to Download and Install WhatsApp Plus Holo APK

To download the latest version of this mod follow the instructions below. Make sure that you are connected to strong internet connection. We suggest that you must close other apps while the downloading process is going on.

  1. Search WhatsApp Plus Holo APK on your mobile device. Download it
  2. Copy the APK file in your SD card where it can be located easily.
  3. Now install a file manager that you want to.
  4. Get to the folder where you have kept the APK file and tap on it.
  5. Click on the “pop up”
  6. Tap on the install option and within a few seconds it will be installed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most recent version of WhatsApp Plus Holo?

The latest version of WhatsApp Plus Holo is 3.17. This version cannot be found on Google play store as it is banned there but you can access it easily from our website.

Can we share pictures without damaging their resolution via WhatsApp Plus Holo APK?

Of course, in WhatsApp Plus Holo APK the pictures can easily be shared without their quality and resolution being damaged or pixels broken.


Conclusively, WhatsApp Plus Holo APK is an amazing developed version of WhatsApp messenger as it comes with features that help you communicate effectively. With the help of this amazing application you can easily change the interface of WhatsApp according to your preference. It allows you to set themes of your own choice and in media sharing filed it excels as it can send large files that too without harming the quality of the pictures and videos.

This modded version helps you to change the fonts according to your eyesight. It means it is easy to use for people of every age. Further, the wide range of awesome emoji’s makes effective conversation possible and meaningful. You will really love and admire communicating via WhatsApp Plus Holo APK. Follow our website for more MOD Apks.

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