WhatsApp Plus APK 2021 Download Anti-Ban Original For Android

Modded versions of WhatsApp these days are making a big name because of their modified features and highlights. WhatsApp Plus APK is another wonderful modded version of official WhatsApp. It allows you to customize the simple and boring WhatsApp according to your preference. It is always the best application for the people who want more expressive and effective communication. Besides, this app provides you to make multiple accounts too allowing you to communicate from either of them.

NameWhatsApp Plus APk


Updated on27 August 2021
Size47 MB
RequirementsAndroid 4.5+

It guarantees you complete secret and private interaction as it gives you the freedom to hide online status and blue ticks for your needs. Become more expressive by sending more multi media as you are allowed to send high quality images and videos and much more. There is always option to hide your typing status if you are confused how to reply. It allows you to hide your recording status and blue microphone too. This app offers you its services to put status of 7 minutes and for better security you can lock this application with a strong password. Like ZE WhatsApp APK, this app also provides a lot of fonts so that you can choose the one of your choice to make interactive chats happens.

Main Features

This version of WhatsApp will surely satisfy your needs of strong communication with the help of its extra ordinary features. Have a look.

WhatsApp Plus APK features
Infographic: WhatsApp Plus APK features

Better Privacy

You always need some private activities on WhatsApp and for that you don’t want anyone else see you online except the one you are communicating to. In this app you have the freedom to conceal your online status and you can also see the statuses of your contacts without letting them know about it. Blue and Delivered ticks can also be hidden in order to help you respond to the messages at any time you want to. If you are typing or recording a long message you can hide your typing and recording status too.

Awesome Customization Options

WhatsApp users always want to customize the screen and the background according to their needs and moods but official WhatsApp doesn’t allow this. Although, in WhatsApp APK you can easily do the customizations. It offers you a lot of themes along with wide range of awesome fonts that you can set for particular chats. It brings loads of wallpapers from GBPLUS for you and there are a lot of sticker makers available within it that will make your conversations extra ordinary effective.

Multimedia Sharing

There is always a lot to share with your friends and when you are excited to share you want to send images and videos instantly but in official WhatsApp multimedia sharing has limitations. In this version of WhatsApp you can share a video of 50 mbs and an audio file of 100 mbs so that there is no communication gap created. It also shares the original quality of the pictures without breaking their pixels.

Lock System

This app can be locked as well so that you don’t hesitate giving it to anyone.


Sharing status in WhatsApp is a great feature but in official WhatsApp it is limited to 30 seconds only and you always have to break your video in parts to put a status. In this modded version you can put a video status of up to 7 minutes. Share longer status and be more expressive.

In addition to all these functions you can hide your profile picture as well and it allows you to check connection times and status messages from the chat screen. Schedule messages and generate auto replies too.

How to Download and Install WhatsApp Plus APK

Follow the easy steps given below to download and install WhatsApp Plus APK

  1. Click on the link given below to download the WhatsApp Gold APK.
  2. After Downloading it, Allow other sources install from your mobile settings and get it installed.
  3. After the installation process is done, you can easily log in to it with your phone number.
  4. If you are willing to back up your old WhatsApp, you can backup your chat by going to the settings in the WhatsApp and clicking on “Chats.”

Frequently Asked Questions

1: Can we get more fonts in WhatsApp Plus APK?

Yes, this version offers a wide range of interesting fonts for your chats.

2: Can I put a longer video status via WhatsApp Plus APK?

Of course. This version allows you to put a video status of up to 7 minutes that means you don’t have to break the video in parts.

Final Thoughts

WhatsApp users who want to communicate effectively and freely are going to fall in love with this app. This has it all that makes you an impressive interactor. In WhatsApp Plus you can be always secure by locking the app and remain undisturbed by hiding your last seen and online status. Additionally, sharing multimedia isn’t a big problem in this mod WhatsApp. In this application videos, audio, and pictures of high quality and more mbs can be shared instantly.

You can put status of 7 minutes without worrying about the 30 seconds limit. Further, This app supports hiding typing and recording status too so that you can reply with a longer audio or written message. With a lot of themes, fonts and wallpapers you can customize this mod according to your preference and have fun communicating.

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