WAMOD WhatsApp APK 2022 Anti-Ban Original for Android

WAMOD Whatsapp APK is a modified version of WhatsApp and it was previously known as WhatsApp MD. It includes new and developed features of WhatsApp messenger such material design. This modded version is among the all famous mods of WhatsApp that are designed to make your communication effective. The main and the most important features of this mod is it can be customized according to material design visual features. Along with it, we can also find functions and modifications similar to other famous mod WhatsApp’s.

NameWAMOD WhatsApp APK


Updated on14 Aug 2021
Size39.3 MB
RequirementsAndroid 4.0.3+

WAMOD APK provides you complete security and privacy as it allows you to hide your connection status, conceal the double check and does not let anyone see your recording or typing status. For better experience and communication the fonts and the themes can be changed according to your own choice.

Another interesting thing about this mod is it shows the statuses of your contacts on the upper part of the contact lists allowing us to scroll horizontally so that we can choose which one we want to view and which one we want to skip.

Key Features

There are numerous amazing features of WAMOD WhatsApp APK that are exciting enough to let you chat impressively. Check out the incredible features mentioned below.

WAMOD WhatsApp APK key Featured


WhatsApp official messenger looks boring when you are unable to choose themes of your choice according to your mood and select the fonts the sit the type of your chat. Like WAPWhatsApp APK, in WAMOND you have the freedom to choose themes to personalize the interface the way you want to. It also allows you choose any font from the fonts library and apply suitable fonts according to the type of chat you are engaged in.

Hide the double tick

Sometimes even you are online on WhatsApp but you are engaged in other works being unable to respond to the messages that you receive. In order to save yourself from embracement of nor replying to the messages you can enable the hide the double tick mode. It will make your messages single ticked and the sender will assume that you are offline.

Hide your recording or typing status

There are occasions when you are writing a longer message or recording a longer audio message. Many times you have to edit your messages too and they typing or recording status keeps showing that makes the recipient wait for your response. In order to make the communication more impressive you can hide the recording or typing status in WAMOD so the recipient doesn’t have to wait longer.


In the category of the status, this application presents the statuses of your contacts on the upper parts and you are allowed to scroll horizontally to view or skip the statuses. Further, this application also brings for you the possibility to apply the Material Design guidelines.

How to Download and Install WAMOD WhatsApp APK

Follow the easy to complete steps given below to download and install this amazing application:

  1. Get your computer or laptop
  2. Connect to strong internet connection
  3. In the web browser search for WAMOD WhatsApp APK
  4. Download it from NY APK Website.
  5. Get the application and with the help of a USB cable transfer it to your android phone.
  6. In your phone settings allow other sources installation.
  7. After installation is done, Login using your phone number and enjoy communicating.

Frequently Asked Questions

1: What is WAMOD WhatsApp APK?

It is a modified version of WhatsApp with more features and modifications.

2: Can we hide the double ticks in WAMOD WhatsApp APK?

Yes, you can easily hide the double ticks in WAMOD WhatsApp APK.


WhatsApp mods are the best to use when it comes to the extra ordinary modifications and amazing features. Mods can be personalized and customized the way you want. WAMOD WhatsApp APK gives you the best customizing features by letting you set the themes of your own choice. Also, choose the fonts of your own preference that suit the type of your conversations. This app gives you the freedom to hide the double ticks and allows you to conceal the typing and recording status too.

All such features make your conversations more attractive and interactive. It will be always fun to interact with your friends and family using WAMOD. In this application you can view the statuses horizontally as well and material design can also be applied in WAMOD WhatsApp APK. Get this application instantly from our website and enjoy impressive communication.

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