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Streaming services are one of the most used platforms on the internet today. Among them, ThopTV Apk stands as an excellent option as a streaming service. It allows you to watch TV channels and movies on any Android device and includes various categories of channels.

NameThopTV APK


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RequirementsAndroid 4.0 and up
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About ThopTV Apk 2022

Stream in dozens of languages, including English, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, and other regional Indian languages. Enjoy shows from diverse backgrounds at great prices and a lot of variety.

TV shows in the app are categorized to suit different tastes. You can browse through movies, TV series, Drama, Romance, Horror, Sports, and much more. The app’s interface is very intuitive, making it very easy to use the app.


You can easily browse through different categories on your phone or tablet and enjoy great quality shows. You can easily browse through different channels and categories and find shows that suit your interests.

The biggest advantage of the thoptv apk 2022 is its built-in VPN services and antivirus features. This allows you to browse through the app without any worry. Moreover, the shows on the app can be streamed for free. This feature makes the app highly popular among android users. ThopTV is mostly used in India, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, and Canada.

Content on ThopTV APK

ThopTV caters to content from a lot of genres. You can access content from all over the world and easily play it on your Android device. All you need to do is install this stunning application and enjoy the content for free. Furthermore, you can also download redbox tv apk from our website and watch unlimited free tv channels.

Features of ThopTV APK

ThopTV APK Features
ThopTV APK Features

While ThopTV apk provides its users with free-of-cost entertainment. It also comes with many brilliant features that make the app stand out among its competitors. You can get a lot of free features out of the app. Let’s go through some of the top features offered by the app.

Subtitle Option

Since the thop tv app has content from many languages, including subtitles is an important feature. Subtitles help a larger audience access content from different regions and understand it better. You can even include subtitles from external sources and enjoy movies from international platforms.

Android Versions Supported

All android versions support the application. Users can experience all the premium features and play content on any device without any problem. ThopTV works smoothly without any buffering or lag time. Additionally, you can also download hd streamz apk from our website for free.

Add to Favorites

Keep track of your top shows and add new shows to watch in your favorites list. Often, you stop watching shows mid-way, which makes it difficult to watch them later from where you left. ThopTV keeps track of your watched history so you can pick up favorite shows where you left off.

Free to Use

Many streaming applications come with a subscription fee that requires monthly payments. You can only access content when you pay the fee. The creators of ThopTV decided to keep all the content on the app free so that a larger audience could access the content.

This feature makes it more convenient for users to use the app. You can easily download the APK version without paying a single penny for anything.

Multiple Sports Channels

If you are a sports fanatic, the thoptv live apk is an excellent option for you as it provides a wide range of sports channels. Browse through different games and enjoy them all day long. The channels show all kinds of sports throughout the day, so you never get bored.

Zero Subscription Fee

The app has no monthly subscription fee, unlike other streaming platforms. The application offers a lot of features at no price. This is why users prefer ThopTV for watching TV shows and movies without worrying about any subscription fee.

ThopTV APK Key Features
ThopTV APK Key Features

Watch over 500 Indian Channels

Many viewers from around the globe watch Indian channels with a lot of interest. To supply quality content to this audience, ThopTV offers 500 different channels from which users can choose different categories to watch.

The categories include animated shows, dramas, horror, sports, cooking shows, and many more.

Stream in HD

This APK version of the thop tv HD app also offers HD streaming. HD resolutions offer the best user experience. High-quality resolutions with a clear video are features that everyone wants. Therefore, to watch shows in HD resolution, download ThopTV Premium APK now and enjoy unlimited content for free.

International Channels

The overall number of channels in the app is 3000, which is quite a lot. The channels vary in many factors but offer quality content enjoyed by all. This app should be your go-to if you want an alternative to streaming platforms requiring a monthly subscription fee.

Customer Support

As you might be aware, most streaming services come with no customer support. However, ThopTV APK features this amazing customer support where you can contact representatives and resolve any queries related to the app. Customer support is available 24/7 and gives timely and adequate solutions to your problems with the app.

User Design and Interface

User design and interface are perhaps among the first things you notice in any app. If the app has an attractive and comprehensive interface, it is accepted by the users and gains popularity.

The developers have developed the app keeping in mind all age groups. The control panel in the app is very simple yet interactive. This makes it easy to scroll through different channels and enjoy different types of content.

Multiple Genres

Suppose a streaming service offers multiple genres. It must be a good platform for watching videos. ThopTV APK has a nice layout with each genre placed categorically so that users can easily access the data and enjoy new content.

Transferring the Screen

ThopTV apk is an app that can only be used on small hand-held devices. But, if you want to enjoy content from the app on a bigger screen, you can use Cast and Firestick to cast the small screen onto the big one. The application supports both these add-ons, which makes it a great feature.

Live Cricket on ThopTV APK

Catch up with intense cricket matches and goals through the app. Enjoy live streaming at ultra-fast speeds to make your overall user experience better.  Also, enjoy dramas and TV series from all over the world. Enjoy top TV shows from different countries for free.

Live IPL 2022

The IPL 2022 match and all the recorded shows are available on the app. You can also keep up with the match on Live TV. Get live updates in different resolutions.

Installing ThopTV Apk

The thoptv download process for ThopTV APK is very simple. If you are aware of installing android APK files, the process will be very easy. Follow the steps below to install and start using the app:

  1. Enable downloads from unknown sources in settings
  2. Open file manager and tap on the APK installation file.
  3. Wait for the installation process to complete
  4. Install a VPN to experience a smooth running application
  5. Connect the VPN to any server
  6. You can now start using the app for free

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the top questions asked by users are answered below. Read on to sort out any query that you might have.

Is ThopTV an Indian App?

Even though the app has over 500 channels from the Indian region, it was not developed there. The app is developed in China but lists all the top channels and live shows from India.

Is the streaming app safe to use?

The app is completely safe to use, given that you download the APK file from a trusted source. Downloading files from unknown sources can potentially harm your computer. Hence, always check to see that the download files are from trusted websites.

Why is the app not available in several regions?

The app was banned over copyright issues, which is why users experience the unavailability of the app in several regions.


If you are looking for an app that offers free streaming for live cricket directly from your smartphone, ThopTV APK is the best app. You can watch thousands of channels in different dialects and browse through hundreds of shows.

The app is banned in India due to copyright issues, but it works very well with a VPN. Get the thoptv free download of the latest version to enjoy free content.

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