NS WhatsApp APK 2021 Download Anti-Ban Original For Android

NS WhatsApp APK is a wonderfully developed version of official WhatsApp. It has millions of downloads as it the best modified version of WhatsApp. It comes with similar features there are in WhatsApp but some of its modified features have made the highlights. This applications is completely ban proof.

NameNS WhatsApp APK


Updated on08 August 2021
Size48.9 MB
RequirementsAndroid 4.3+

It has been developed in a way that it cannot be banned from the official WhatsApp. This amazing application is updated itself without making you do any extra effort to update it. It allows customizing the interface of the app according to your own choice. Choose themes, chat backgrounds and icons of your preference to make the interface look more impressive. A variety of fonts is also available that can be set according to the type of chatting you are doing.

Further, it excels in its media field too as you can put a video status of up to 7 minutes and share files of up to 1 GB video and 300 mbs audio files.This modded version offers you the best privacy as it allows you to hide your last seen, blue ticks and delivered ticks, typing status. Like WhatsApp MA APK, it also allows you to hide personal chats with the help of passwords.

Key Features

In this section we will talk about the highlighted awesome features of NS WhatsApp APK. Have a look.

NS WhatsApp APK
Infographic: NS WhatsApp APK

Lock Particular Chats

In NS WhatsApp APK you can hide separate and private chats simply by putting a lock password on them that nobody knows except you. By securing your chats with the help of passwords you can give your phone without any hesitation.

Wide range of Emoji’s

Emoji’s make the conversations more expressive and catchy. This modded version comes with a lot of extra ordinary emoji’s that you can use to express certain emotions, situations and conditions that will make your chats more interactive.

Amazing Privacy Options

NS WhatsApp allows its users to enjoy complete secure and private WhatsApp conversations with the help of its amazing privacy options. In this version you hide your online status so that no body disturbs your private activities on WhatsApp. The delivered and blue ticks can also be hidden easily so that you can respond to messages at any time you want to without worrying that messages are blue ticked. It also allows you to hide your typing status that is shown while you are writing a message.

Media Sharing

The official WhatsApp limits your video sharing to 16 mbs and audio sharing is limited to 20 mbs only that is a big hurdle between your effective communications. NS WhatsApp offers you the best and impressive feature of media sharing. In NS WhatsApp APK you ca share an audio file of 300 mbs and video files of 1 GB easily.

Auto Reply of messages

There are times when you are driving or you are engaged in a meeting. You get some urgent messages but things keep you too busy to respond to them. To overcome this issue you can generate auto replies in NS WhatsApp so that the communication isn’t stopped and its done interactively.

Status Video

The official WhatsApp limits your status to 30 seconds only and you have to break the video in parts to put a status but in NS WhatsApp you can keep a video status of up to 7 minutes.

Themes and Fonts

NS WhatsApp brings a lot of interesting themes and fonts that you can set according to your present mood.

Ban Proof and Quick Update

This version is safe from being banned and the best part is this is always updated itself.

How to Download and Install NS WhatsApp APK

Follow the following steps to download and uninstall NS WhatsApp APK

  1. First, click on the link given below to download NS WhatsApp APK from NY APK Website.
  2. Enable “Allow other sources installation” from your mobile settings.
  3. Save the APK file in the Downloads folder of your phone.
  4. Wait until the download is completed.
  5. After the installation process is done, you can easily log in to it with your phone number.
  6. If you are willing to back up your old WhatsApp, you can backup your chat by going to the settings in the WhatsApp and clicking on “Chats.”

Frequently Asked Questions

1: What is the limit of media sharing in NS WhatsApp APK?

In this version, you share an audio file of 300 MBS and a video file of 1 GB at a time.

2: Is NS WhatsApp APK safe to use?

Yes, this version has got the anti-ban features that makes unable to be banned. You can enjoy using it to the fullest.

Final Verdict

To conclude with NS WhatsApp is the best version of WhatsApp for impressive and interactive communication. From better privacy to awesome customizations to media sharing it brings everything for you that is necessary for expressive communication. You can share audio files of up to 300 mbs and video files of 1 GB. This version offers auto replies as well and you can set themes and fonts of your preference. It has brought some amazing privacy options too in which you can hide your last seen, typing status and blue ticks too. It has anti ban system too and this applications is always updated itself without any external effort. Follow our website for more reviews on this version.

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