Netflix Apk + Mod for Android [Premium unlocked, No Ads]

Netflix is a premium subscription-based streaming service that provides access to a large catalog of movies and tv shows. It has the largest entertainment media library licensed through distribution and independent productions known as Netflix originals. Netflix can be accessed via various platforms, including web browsers, android tv, and mobile phones. The android and iPhone mobile app for Netflix offers all the platform’s services. You may also opt to download the Netflix mod apk for free access to all these services.

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RequirementsAndroid 4.4 and up
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Streaming services that offer digital entertainment media on a subscription basis are becoming the norm. Netflix has risen to become the most popular among video streaming sites. This is largely due to its massive catalog of tv shows, movies, and original productions. Many people find the Netflix pricing package convenient compared to other services. If, however, you want to enjoy Netflix exclusive content and all its original shows for free, you can try out the Netflix mod apk for android.

An Overview of Netflix

Netflix MOD APK

As of 2022, Netflix has surpassed 220 million subscribers worldwide. Most of its subscriber base originates from the US, UK, Europe, and other English-speaking countries. However, Netflix has done a great deal to promote its platform to more foreign countries. These include east Asian, Southeast Asian, South Asian, and even Arabic countries. Netflix has managed to market itself by slowly introducing more and more content catered to these audiences in their native languages.

Moreover, a great factor in Netflix’s ability to carve out a market share in these foreign countries was the unique pricing model. Netflix introduced a separate pricing and subscription rate model for every country it offered its services in. This allowed them to adjust their rates to offer a competitive service compared to local cable and media subscription services. Very quickly, their subscription rate increased in these targeted markets. Now Netflix enjoys a large number of paying audiences in almost every continent of the world. It is easily the largest and most competitive streaming service.

What Netflix Has To Offer

Netflix offers the largest catalog of movies, tv-series, documentaries, and a variety of tv shows of any digital service. Almost all of its content is high definition (depending on your subscription package). Netflix also supports 4K streaming as long as you have a 4K compatible device and display. The Netflix library can be accessed via web browser, mobile app, or smart tv as long as you have a Netflix account. Below we’ve highlighted some additional features of the platform to help you discover all that Netflix offers.

Netflix Offers

The largest library

Many subscription-based streaming services have popped up in recent years. Normally multiple options for any service would mean more competitive pricing and thus cheaper pricing packages. But unfortunately, a multitude of streaming platforms caused a lot of issues for many people as all of your favorite movies and shows were likely to be dispersed across different platforms. That was until Netflix became a major name in the industry. Almost all notable titles can be found on Netflix, conveniently and on one platform.

Content in multiple languages

Even though Netflix’s largest user base still exists in English-speaking countries, Netflix has done a great deal to offer content in multiple languages and from different regions in recent years. Now Netflix has obtained distribution rights for classic titles in countless languages. What’s more, the original Netflix content being funded and produced by the company is not just in English anymore. This is perhaps why Netflix has seen great success in foreign markets.

Clean and trendy interface

Netflix has constantly maintained and updated its user interface to update the latest design trends. Since you will be using the Netflix provided player and interacting with its interface while consuming content, the importance of a good user interface cannot be understated. Thankfully, Netflix kept up with the latest design and technology to provide an intuitive and hassle-free interface.

Built-in player with sync-able playback

As Netflix employs an in-built player, it needs to provide a seamless user experience. The Netflix player is one of the best for video streaming and has many useful features to boot. For example, the player provides synced play for streaming on multiple devices. If you decide to switch to a different device, you can resume playback exactly where you left off. Now, you can also download thoptv apk from our website as well.

High-quality streaming

This is perhaps what makes Netflix a truly great service. Almost all of the content provided within Netflix can be viewed in HD quality. As long as you have a standard or premium plan, you can stream video in the highest quality available. In fact, Netflix standard and premium plans also allow you to stream content in 4K. You will, of course, need a display device that supports 4K, but it is definitely possible to do so.

Support for multiple profiles

A unique feature of a Netflix account is that it allows you to create separate profiles for different users. This is especially useful if you might be sharing the account with several other people. As Netflix learns from your watch history to recommend new content to watch, it can be bothersome to share an account. This is easily solvable by creating separate profiles for each user. Netflix allows you to create up to five user profiles on one account.

Exclusive access to Netflix original productions

What does a Netflix subscription have to offer that is exclusive to this platform only? This is, of course, Netflix’s original production. In recent years Netflix has funded and produced many great original movies, tv-series and even reality shows. Many of these productions have found great success world and are beloved by many audiences. If you want access to these original titles, Netflix is the way to go.

Pros and cons

You will need to decide if a Netflix subscription suits your needs. The platform has its strengths and weakness. Ultimately you should choose for yourself if its benefits outweigh its negatives. We’ve highlighted some of the pros and cons of a Netflix account. Hopefully, this information can aid you in your decision.


  • Modern and clean interface
  • Cast library of entertainment media
  • Unlimited streaming of movies & tv shows
  • Support for 4K and HD streaming
  • Download option for offline viewing
  • Exclusive Netflix original content


  • HD streaming requires high internet speed, and there is no data-friendly option.
  • A premium account with support for multiple screens can be quite costly.
  • No free plan.
  • It may require a separate VPN service to access content only available for other regions.
  • Only compatible with android devices 4.0 and up.

Netflix Mod Apk: Avail All Premium Features

Perhaps you’ve reviewed the pricing plans for Netflix and decided that it simply isn’t worth the cost. Or maybe you would like access to certain Netflix shows but don’t think it is worth to purchases a subscription. You can instead opt for a free alternative like the Netflix mod apk. It is a modded version of the Netflix mobile app that provides you with all the same content and features the standard app has to offer.

What’s more, the free Netflix mod apk will provide you with the best services available only with the premium plan for Netflix. So you’d like to avail all these features but don’t want to pay the hefty amount it costs, the Netflix mod apk for android is sure to be a great alternative for you. It is easy to install and even easier to use. This mod had quite a lot to offer, so we’ll look at all its great features in further detail.

Netflix MOD APK Premium Features
Netflix MOD APK Premium Features

No ads

If you haven’t heard the news, Netflix will soon be introducing ads to its platform. It’s been rumored for some time, but now Netflix has officially announced that it will display ads during streaming by the end of 2022. The great thing about modded apps is that you will never have to worry about ads or 3rd party advertisements of any sort. So regardless of whether Netflix decides to introduce ads, the Netflix mod apk will give you an ad-free environment. This might be another great reason to switch over to the modded version of the app.

Max screens

Netflix does offer support for simultaneous streaming on different screens. Since Netflix is available on the web, mobile, smart tv, and almost any device with support for android, many people will prefer to use it on various devices. However, Netflix has its limitations in terms of simultaneous streaming. The basic plan only allows one screen; the standard plan supports two, and only the premium plan lets you stream on four screens. You’ll be happy to know that the Netflix mod apk offers the maximum number of four supported screens for free.

Maximum number of profiles

Netflix offers a highly convenient feature of making separate profiles for users who might be sharing a singular account. You can make up to 4 profiles with a single Netflix account. However, this feature is only available in the premium plan for Netflix. In the Netflix mod apk, you will have access to this feature from the get-go. This means that up to four profiles can be easily created for your family’s convenience.

Highest quality

Netflix offers different streaming quality to its users based on their subscription plan. For example, users with a basic plan do not have access to HD quality streaming. This is unfortunate since, technically, Netflix can support up to 4K quality on a device that can support it. Well, on the Netflix mod apk app, the highest level of quality is provided for every movie or tv series you choose to stream. If you have a display device that can support 4K, you can easily use the netflix full HD mod apk to stream your favorite show in 4K.

Free of cost

The most important feature of the Netflix mod apk 2022 is perhaps it rids you of all subscription fees entirely. If you’ve reviewed the pricing plan for Netflix and decided it is simply not within your budget or not worth the money, you can instead opt for the modded version of the app. You will have access to all the same content and services that come with a premium plan for Netflix. To gain unlimited access to Netflix content, all you have to do is switch your android Netflix app for the modded version.

Easy to install

Whether you’ve installed a modded app before or not, it is incredibly easy to get the Netflix mod apk up and running. You need not go through any tedious technical procedure. There is also no need to risk rooting your mobile phone, as this mod will easily run on non-rooted devices. Simply install the original Netflix app if you already have it on your phone, download the apk file, and install it as a normal app. We will show you how to properly install the modded app and get it working.

Netflix Mod Apk Download

If you’ve finally decided to try out the modded Netflix app will show you exactly how to get the app up and running. Simply follow our instructions to get the netflix modded apk for your device.

  • First, you will need the apk file for the mod. We’ve provided the apk for the latest version of the mobile app.
  • Click on the download button, and you will be redirected, and your download will begin shortly.
  • Once you have the apk file, make sure to uninstall the standard app if you already have it on your phone, as both the mod and original app cannot be installed simultaneously. If you attempt this, it will cause an error, or your mod might not work properly.
  • After this, go to the security tab of your phone and ensure that you have “allow installation from unknown sources” enables; otherwise, you won’t be able to install a third-party apk.
  • Once you’re done, simply open the apk file from your downloaded location.
  • The package manager will ask for your permission to install the app and click install.
  • Wait for the app to finish installing successfully. Once installed, your mod should be perfectly ready to use.

Download Netflix Mod Apk for PC

If you want to install the Netflix mod apk for tv, PC or laptop, you can easily do this. Many users will prefer to view their favorite movies or tv shows on a larger screen. If you have a display screen that supports 4K, you can even use the Netflix mod apk to stream 4K content. Follow our instructions to get the Netflix mod apk on your PC.

  • First, download the Netflix mod apk file from our website given download link.
  • You will need software that can act as an apk emulator; we recommend Bluestack. It is highly powerful and beginner-friendly.
  • Download and install the Bluestack program on your desired device.
  • Once installed, open the apk file via the program to install it within Bluestack.
  • Wait for the mod to install successfully.
  • The Netflix mod apk should work easily, and you can access the Netflix app on your PC or windows.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How to get Netflix for free?

Netflix is primarily a premium service that requires a subscription fee to create an account. If, however, you want access to all the content Netflix has to offer, you can download a modded version of the Netflix mobile app. It will provide the same features and media library as a premium Netflix account. The mod is free of cost and easy to install.

Is Netflix mod apk safe to use?

Yes, the provided file for the Netflix mod apk is completely safe to use. All our mods are professionally developed and tested. What’s more, the provided mod is updated for the latest version of the app and is 100% working. You need not root your phone as this mod will work easily on any android device.

Can I use the Netflix mod apk for PC?

You can easily install the Netflix mod apk for PC. It is easily possible if you wish to view your favorite content on a larger screen. You have to install an apk emulator like bluestack and install the mod apk within the program. After it is done, you can access the Netflix app on your PC or laptop.


Netflix mod apk can provide you with all the same movies and tv series collections that the standard app has to offer. You can avail unlimited streaming in high definition. The mod even provides the same features available only for the Netflix premium plan users. If you’ve wanted to avail all these services, the Netflix mod apk is your best bet. The mod is easy to download and install. You can get the modded app running quickly and have all the content you need for easy viewing. So make sure to give Netflix mod apk a try as it makes for a fantastic and free alternative to the Netflix app.

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