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November 9, 2023


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Android 5.0 and up


35.7 MB

MR TV Apk is one of the top rated android apps with limitless online streaming services and highly professional features to make users’ streaming experience full of fun and amusement. The latest version of the application offers sensual opportunities to all its users which allows them to get direct access to all the highly paid premium movies and series for free. There is nothing like a subscription fee, rooting need, and pre-registration manual in its updated version but a unique reporting system along with adjustable visual quality to enjoy the big screen streaming experience at home and that too at heightened safety and ease. The app assures an enchanting entertainment slot with a friendly interface, extended categorical content, and exotic performance along with auto-updated content. So, download the new version of MR TV Apk on your android by clicking the below-mentioned link on our website and get it all done.

Updated on2 hours ago
Size35.7 MB
RequirementsAndroid 5.0 and up
Offered ByAMTech info
CategoryTV Apps
MOD InfoNo Ads
Rating(4.6/5) 5923 Votes

About MR TV Apk

Watch your favorite content online with an adjustable visual quality strain along with multiple high-tech services like auto-updated functionality, anti-banning feature, and anti-malware units that are making it an exotically addictive streaming app. Here the users get the option of stimulating a movie request to get the desired one in no time, marking a specific movie as their favorite, and downloading their favorite content in 1080p, 720p, or 360p resolution quality along with several other services that distinguish the app from the rest. Likewise, make a personalized list with your favorite thrill, animation, family, history, or romantic content. You may also like to download kyte tv apk.

About MR TV Apk

Additionally, the users can access live streaming slots for news, IPL, PSL, or other trending on-air content without being at any security risk as most of the apps remains but with a big screen quality in your smartphone. Unlike, Netflix and other such paid platforms, the MR TV Apk is systematized with a universal appeal for everyone without any discrimination and proves to be a good companion for all those people who can’t afford premium content access fees. Also, the cinematic effects get multiplied with a supportive audio quality along with multi-lingual support that is also winning the hearts of millions of users of the app. So, if you want to watch Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, or any other content you can do so with extreme accuracy with this application same like dora tv apk.



I like watching my favorite content on MR TV Apk not only for the zero-cost slot but also for the professional functionality and optimized playback strains of the app. One thing that makes the MR TV a prioritized choice is that it works great even at low-end devices without any compromise on the visual quality and resolution quality but with a full-length steaming, a smoothly paved performance is also associated. We also recommend you to download nika tv apk.

Additionally, I like the reporting, personalization, and download options of the app along with the ability to continue a movie or series where you ended. It is an absolute source of feeding the mind with your favorite content whenever it is needed without paying a single penny or doing extra effort but all done except the popping up of ads that should be fixed as soon as possible. Otherwise, it is an adorable streaming application. You may also like to download leno tv apk.

Features of MR TV Apk 2023

The MR TV Apk offers multiple features to its users that are mentioned below in the article. Let’s get started with them.

  • Free Streaming
  • Multi-Device Support
  • Stream and Download
  • Personalize List
  • Unlimited Movies
  • Best UI System
  • No Subscription and Ads
  • TV Channels and Live Streams

Free Streaming

Free Streaming

To enjoy unlimited streaming slots for free choose the MR TV Apk. It is one of the best streaming apps in the world which offers multiple live channel access along with watching highly paid premium content without any expenditure. There are versatile streaming options for every age group where popular animated cartoons for kids along with movies, web series, and sports streaming are also participating. You can also download now zee5 mod apk from our website.

Multi-Device Support

Multi-Device Support

The MR TV Apk offers multi-device support without being restricted to android as most streaming applications come with only an android supportive manual. Unlike other applications, the MR TV can professionally work on OS, IOS, and windows without any problem but with smoothly paved working a heightened streaming slot is adjusted in the app. We also recommend you to download mango live mod apk.

Stream and Download

Stream and Download

Unlike other applications where users can only access the online streaming option, the MR TV offers users to download movies, web series, and dramas along with other pre-hosted content from other websites. It is an amazing feature of this application that allows the users to initiate the downloading process and watch their favorite downloaded content later whenever they want. So, a desirable feature to find at no cost.

Personalize List

Personalize List

If you are fond of specific genre content and want to mark your all-time favorite movie, teaser, or any stream then you can do so with MR TV with greater excellence. There you get the option of creating your personalized list with all your favorite movies and series in it and watching it anytime whenever you want without wasting time to search it. We also suggest you to download wetv mod apk.

Unlimited Movies

Unlimited Movies

Get unlimited movies to watch whenever you need them especially when your mind requires an entertainment dose to get refreshed. There is nothing like getting restricted to limited movies but there are limitless movies along with a sub-categorical genre slot with distinct horror, romance, action, history, family, cartoon, and reality slots for quick integration. Additionally, newly released movies also get added to this app with its auto-updated system and it is marking an unending streaming slot for the users to make them refreshed with innovative content access.

Best UI System

Best UI System

In addition to the best functional mechanism, the MR TV is also allocated with the best UI system to provide a friendly interface to its users. It allows the users to get familiarized with the app in no time and use it with a maximized experience. For this, all the icons are well-adjusted in the application along with multiple advanced services like the search bar, filters, and scrutiny mechanism that is induced in the application by the developers to make it a heightened streaming application of the world.

No Subscription and Ads

No Subscription and Ads

There is no need to get into the subscription method in MR TV as it is included in Netflix and other such streaming platforms but a subscription-free mechanism is allocated in this application to mount its appeal. In addition to this, the app is made free from the long-run disturbing ads as is the case with most streaming applications but not the same with this latest apk.

TV Channels and Live Streams

TV Channels and Live Streams

Along with a wide movie and web-series manual, enjoy an extended range of TV channels with the latest version of MR TV Apk. It offers users to watch their favorite football, tennis, and cricket matches on-air just by searching the channel by name from its search bar and enjoy the live streaming for free. In addition to this, you can enjoy high-profile channel access like Pogo, carton network, and many other options by getting this single streaming platform, and that too without making any kind of compromise neither on video quality or on functionality.

How To Download The MR TV APK Latest Version:

To download the modified version of this app, you just have to follow some steps that are listed below.

  • If you want to download the modded version of MR TV APK, you can get it from our website.
  • Now, go to the security settings of your mobile and enable the unknown sources option.
Allow other sources install from your mobile settings
Allow other sources install from your mobile settings
  • After that, click on the download button and enjoy this amazing app on your devices.
App Installed
App Installed

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Does it cost anything to use MR TV?

No, if you download the MR TV from our website’s link then you can get it 100% free of cost without spending a single penny.

Is there a way to get rid of the risk on my phone if I have downloaded the MR TV?

No, to download the MR TV without taking chance on your phone’s working, our website will help you out to a greater extent as it offers an anti-malware touchscreen downloading mechanism.

Do we need to fix the MR TV to make it ads-free?

If you download the MR TV from a strong third-party source like our website then you can get it with an all-fixed mechanism along with an advertisement fixation slot. So, it reduces the need of getting into this hassle but gets all done in advance with its latest version.

Final Verdict

Get associated with a dream streaming platform by downloading the MR TV Apk on your android as it offers an imaginary streaming zone with limitless content availability. The app is specially designed for all those users who don’t want to get into the subscription method and want to enjoy premium streaming access without spending a single penny. Accessing all the latest released content whether it is of Hollywood, Bollywood, or any genre-specific industry, there lies a greater fun of enjoying all of these slots with this professional host.

Additionally, an inclusive piece of statistics and enhanced streaming strains is provided in this article along with features and functional accuracy of the app so that users can make an ideal choice. The app greatly helps users in decorating their boring intervals with high-quality entertainment featuring and making it a fully paved streaming slot. It is an admirable streaming application MR TV is to get an enhanced deal of animation, web series, movies, and other streaming slots along with further sub-categorical slots like horror, history, romance, reality, family, etc. So, download the MR TV from our website and make yourself a part of this amazing streaming world.

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