Mini Militia MOD APK 2023 v5.4.0 Unlimited Money and Ammo

Are you a fan of arcade shooting games? Do you love such games in 2D cartoon format? If yes, then we have an amazing action-shooting game for you. We are glad to present Mini Militia MOD APK. It is a modded version of the famous 2D cartoon game Doodle Army 2 – Mini Militia. The developers made this sequel to the game because people were so addicted to Doodle Army 2 and there was an increasing demand for a better and refined version of this game.

NameMini Militia MOD APK
Updated on1 Hour Ago
Size43 MB
RequirementsAndroid 5.0 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money and Ammo
Rating(4.8/5) 351719 Votes

The Mini Militia MOD APK 2023 is updated version of the game. It has been developed by Just like many other competitors such as PUBG and Pixel Gun 3D, it can be downloaded on all types of devices. You can download it on any android and iOS-based device, PC, and laptop.

Mini Militia MOD APK for Android
Mini Militia MOD APK for Android

Gameplay of Mini Militia MOD APK

The action shooting game, Mini Militia is set up in a deadly battleground. You are in a war with a dangerous opponent. The player will be the leader of the army and is in charge of thousands of soldiers. You need to fight with all of them and defend them in battle. We have also mini militia hack apk on our website.

Gameplay of Mini Militia MOD APK

The gameplay is based on traditional battleground tactics. The player will take all the decisions about war moves. He would decide which group of soldiers to choose from the different skilled soldiers. For leading such a large army, you need to train yourself in the multiple training modes available offline. If you failed to lead the army appropriately, you would lose the game. Therefore, the gameplay of this game requires a lot of concentration. You may also like to download any of mini militia old versions from our website for free.

Mini Militia Offline Modes

There are two offline modes in Mini Militia which are as follows:

  • Training Mode: In this offline mode, you would get a chance to take proper training as an army leader. There will be trainers present here for your training and will teach you about all the game tactics.
  • Doodle Army Survival: This offline mode is also similar to the training mode. Here you would focus on sharpening your skills such as aiming the target and reloading weapons. Both of these offline modes will help you to play like a pro in an online battleground.

Mini Militia Online Modes

There are three online modes in Mini Militia which are as follows:

  • Onslaught Mode: This is one of the coolest modes offered by Mini Militia. Here, you can play exciting missions, get dangerous weapons, be presented with weirdo battle maps, and many more things. With this mode, you will get to know a lot of secrets of the game which will make you a pro.
  • Endless Survival Mode: Just like the name suggests, it is an endless survival mode. In it, you get to play in the multiplayer mode opposite to pro players and win the game. If you play this game in VIP mode, you will other extra benefits also.
  • Team Death Match: This mode is like a dream come true for die-hard fans of this game. In this online mode, you can fight one-on-one team battles. You will play opposite to pro players and only one team will win the game in the end.

How to play multiplayer on Mini Militia?

This game has multiplayer mode available. You can play it with your friends. It allows up to 6 to 12 players at a time. If you want to play this game in multiplayer mode, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Download this game.
  • Open the game and tap on play online.
  • Go to the custom game.
  • There will be multiple servers available. You can choose any server you like.
  • Type the desired room name.
  • Join the game and start playing in multiplayer mode.

Mini Militia God MODE

God Mode is an extraordinary mod present in this game. In this mode, you will be just like a god and do whatever you want. You can aim perfectly at your target and you would not miss the shot. If you want to kill the opponent you would get a chance to do it for sure. All the items for your survival are free and unlimited. You would neither run out of bullets nor would be short with destructive bombs. With this mod, your winning chances are 100 percent. Now, you can also download and play bgmi mod apk from our website

Mini Militia God MODE
Mini Militia God MODE

MOD Menu

There are many features in the game that are premium and not free. To get them, you need to buy a subscription for this game. However, the developers of this modded version of the game care about you and your passion for playing this game. They have incorporated MOD Menu in this game. In that, you will be presented with several features that will take your gameplay a level up. Now, we have free fire mod apk latest version on our website.

Mini Militia MOD Menu
Mini Militia MOD Menu

Modded Features of Mini Militia MOD APK

  • Unlimited Ammo: Ammo refers to weapons. As it is an action shooting game, it provides bullets, grenades, and bombs. However, these are only present in limited quantities. However, this modded version of the game provides you with unlimited ammo so that you can fight your battle without running out of weapons.
  • Unlimited Nitro: Nitrogen gas is used as a fuel for flying garget used in fighting. However, you need to continuously fuel your gargets with nitrogen which will distract you from the game. Moreover, nitro is also limited. This modded version has solved this problem. You will be provided with unlimited nitrogen and it will be filled automatically. 
  • Unlimited Health: In the game, you are provided with limited in-game health, which will increase your chances of losing the game. However, this modded version of the game ensures that you have unlimited in-game health to win the game.
  • Unlimited Money & Cash: This game arranges tournaments and championships for its players on daily bases. These are priced and the winner gets cash. If you are a pro player of this game, you have a good chance of earning money out of it.
  • All Items Unlock: This game has a lot of items that are locked. All of them are premium items. They either need in-game currency or real money to buy them. However, this modded version of the game unlocks all the items for you so that you can take your gameplay a level up.
  • Pro Pack Unlocked: Pro players pack contains many of the items that are necessary for good gameplay. It includes multiple abilities, customization options, and multiple weapons. It is bought by players with real money. However, this modded version of the game provides you with the pro pack for free.
  • No Ads: This version of the game is ad-free. It automatically blocks all the ads for you to give you a smooth gaming experience.
  • Free purchases: In-game purchases are not free in the original version of the game. You need to use in-game currency or real money to buy your favorite items. This is a burden on the pocket of the players. However, with this modded version of the game, you can purchase all the items without any money.
  • No Reload: In this game, you continuously need to load your guns with bullets and gargets with nitrogen. However, this reloading waste time and also distracts you from real gameplay. Therefore, in this modded version of the game, you do not need to reload your guns and gadgets.

How To Download The Mini Militia MOD APK Latest Version:

To download the official or modified version of this game, you just have to follow some steps that are listed below.

  • If you want to download the modded version of Mini Militia MOD APK, you can get it from our website.
  • Now, go to the security settings of your mobile and enable the unknown sources option.
Allow other sources install from your mobile settings
Allow other sources install from your mobile settings
  • After that, click on the download button and enjoy this amazing game on your devices.
App Installed
App Installed

My Review and Personal Experience

My Review
My Review

Being a fan of Doodle Army 2 – Mini Militia, this modded version has completely changed my gameplay. Its exciting features are too good. It is such a cool and amazing game. I will give a big shout-out to the developers for launching such a great modded version.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What modes I can play in the Mini Militia Offline version?

There are two offline modes in Mini Militia. One is a training mode, the other is a doodle army survival mode.

Is Mini Militia banned in India?

No, this game is not banned in India. A lot of Indian players are playing this game and you can also play this if you live in India.

Why Mini Militia is lagging?

The file size of 43.79 MB, therefore it takes a lot of space. Due to this reason, its working and performance are slow and behind as compared to the other games.

Why Mini Militia is not installing?

Mini Militia supports 4.4 Kitkat or above versions of Android. If your device is below that, you cannot install this game. Therefore, it is to advise you that try installing this game on the latest possible versions.


Mini Militia MOD APK is one of the best arcade shooting games available right now. This modded version of the game has a lot of exciting features to offer that will take your gameplay to the next level. If you are also a fan of Doodle Army 2 – Mini Militia, this game is perfect for you to download.

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