Download Lightroom Mod APK [Unlocked] 2022 Latest Version

Everyone is fond of pictures these days. Taking pictures, editing them, previewing, and posting has become a norm we follow daily. Editing great pictures takes up a lot of effort and expertise. But, you can employ an easy-to-understand app to edit interesting pictures. Adobe Lightroom mod apk 2022 is your answer if you’re searching for an all-in-one photo editor. It allows you to discover more tools and edit like a professional.

Choose a color grade, adjust the saturation, and play with the brightness levels with this app to turn your photos into epic pictures. The app offers dozens of themes, effects, resolution styles, and much more that help you make a great editor. You only need to navigate through many tools and apply them to get a great end product. Download the mod apk file of lightroom from the link below.

NameLightroom MOD APK


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Size216 MB
RequirementsAndroid 5.0 and up
Offered ByAdobe

Why use Lightroom CC mod apk?

Photographs are a great way to tell a story. They have the power to narrate what was going on at that moment when a person captured the picture. Therefore, most of us take pictures of little moments every day.

Lightroom MOD APK

Editing these pictures is a great way to capture the highlights of your life. Edited pictures have a spark and attraction to them. Hence, photo editing apps are very necessary.

Furthermore, editing pictures on your PC is a hard task. It takes up a lot of space and requires special knowledge of the software. Hence, you need a lot of experience when editing on PC software. That is why most people prefer to work with mobile-based editing applications.

Why Adobe Lightroom? Adobe Lightroom may be a mobile application for photo editing, but it has many features. It gives you the freedom to work with professional tools and produce great quality images. Professionally edited pictures can be compared to the photo editing level of Lightroom’s professionally edited photos.

Adobe Interface

Adobe is known to have very well-designed interfaces that delivers an exceptional user experience. The most beautiful thing about this app is that you can run it on any operating system. Whether you have an iOS, MAC, Android, Windows, or other OS, the application can work everywhere.

Lightroom Mod APK Download

Modded APK is a special file format designed specifically for Android phones. It takes features from the original version of apps and modifies all the premium features to make them accessible to more people.

Lightroom Mod APK is one similar file that gives access to all the premium features from the official version. The application lets you edit great pictures without putting in a lot of effort. Edit like a pro with this modded version. Now, you can also download airbrush mod apk from our website for free.

Features of Lightroom Mod APK for Android

There are a lot of features that users can employ to professionally edit pictures. Improving the color grade of your pictures, setting the right angle, and adding lighting and shadowing effects can all be done through the stunning features of Lightroom Mod APK.

Lightroom MOD APK Features
Lightroom MOD APK Features

Basic and Advanced Tools

Lightroom has all the basic and advanced tools needed to produce a great image. All the basic tools like crop, rotate, adjusting the angle, setting the ratio, and finding the right aspect can be done.

Moreover, you can also choose to set the resolution settings manually. The software can also recommend some predefined settings. Just use your fingers to navigate through the images and adjust the photo the way you want.

Lighting and Shadowing

Lighting and shadowing effects give depth to your photo. The lighting features are important for bringing out the colors in your photo. Everything depends on utilizing these settings to bring out a well-edited photo. Additionally, you can also download lensa mod apk for photo editing.

Brush Healing Feature

Brush healing is one of the top features of the app. If you’ve ever wanted to remove some blemishes from a great photo, this is your answer. The tool helps you to remove all the unnecessary items in your image.

Add Watermarks

Watermarks are a great way to tell that the image is copyrighted. Lightroom Mod APK has a feature through which you can create watermarks with texts. You can also edit the watermark by adjusting its size and font style.

Built-in Camera

The built-in camera lets you edit pictures directly. Moreover, the resolution of pictures using this camera is also better than a normal camera. Apply filters directly and edit using effects available within the app.


There are so many filters that you can use to change the feel of every picture. Choose from four main filters: creative filters, color filters, detailing filters, and monochrome ones. These filters can change the appearance of your picture, help add more details, and even change the color grade.

All Raw Image Formats Supported

Every file format you may use to edit your picture is supported. Furthermore, all your changes are automatically synced as you edit. The same editing settings can be applied to multiple photos also, which makes it easy to edit more pictures in a short time.

Share Directly

You can directly export your edited masterpieces to other apps as well. After editing the photo, tap on the export option to directly transfer the photo to your social media apps.

Premium Features Available

All the premium features that need to be paid for in the original version are free in this modded version. Some of these features include copy settings, setting tonal curves that help certain elements in your image stand out, copying the original image while retaining the size, and much more.


The app can work anywhere. You can edit pictures on the go by sliding through a couple of tools. Customize your themes in the app and apply them to several photos in one go. The edits with Lightroom Mod APK look very realistic. Thus, it is an overall great app that helps you edit photos the way you want.

Latest Features of Lightroom Premium Mod APK

Adobe Lightroom improves its features to help editors make remarkable memories out of photos. Let’s see the latest installment the app has in store for its users.

1. Merge Panoramic Images

You can now merge and apply HDR filters to your panoramic images. This enhances the color grade of your images and helps to capture more area in one image.

2. Cloud Storage

Your images are now automatically synced to online cloud storage. This gives you more storage space to edit your pictures and keep a backup.

3. Retain Resolution

When you import an image, the resolution is sometimes distorted. This problem is now solved with the latest installment for Lightroom Mod APK.


  • The Mod APK file is completely free to use.
  • It also offers a very interactive and comprehensive user interface.
  • Lightroom is a very popular editing app that includes a bunch of tools. You can use these tools depending on your requirements.
  • Moreover, the editing app is suitable for people with little to no experience and also for professional editors.
  • Professional editors will find the app very comprehensive and intuitive.


  • Adobe Lightroom is an app that is developed with a lot of expertise. Therefore, the layout and interface of the app are very sophisticated.
  • The tools included in the app are also very advanced and require some expertise if you wish to explore these tools fully. Hence, if you plan on exploring and using these tools, you may face some problems during their execution.
  • Some features require the latest versions of the operating system.
  • It also requires a high storage space because the resolution of the edited images is high, so a high-end processor is needed.

Requirements for Installation

The app has a few requirements that need to be fulfilled before installation. Although you only need an Android device with a working camera, some high-level edits require more features in your device before installation.

Specifications of your device’s camera matter if you want your edited pictures to be good. A good camera allows you to make the most out of your photos. It also helps to reduce final touch-ups in the images you edit.

Installing Lightroom Premium MOD Apk Latest Version

The download process for lightroom mod apk is very simple. If you are aware of installing android APK files, the process will be very easy. Follow the steps below to install and start using the app:

  1. Enable downloads from unknown sources in settings
  2. Open file manager and tap on the APK installation file.
  3. Wait for the installation process to complete
  4. You can now start using the app for free

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Is it safe to download Lightroom Mod APK?

This app comes with many thoroughly scanned features to ensure they are safe from every kind of virus. Hence, the mod APK file for this photo editing app will never harm your device or manipulate your data.

What is a Mod APK file?

A Mod APK file is a modded android package kit. It is a file format specifically designed for Android systems that allow installations in the form of .apk files. For the Lightroom Mod APK file, every premium feature is included in the original app.


If you’re looking for a photo editing app with professional tools, then Lightroom Mod APK is your answer. It offers all the premium features for free. Download the latest version now and enjoy editing great photos.