Download Kinemaster Pro APK for Android (Unlocked Premium) 2022

Editing apps have now become an important part of our lives. There are tons of apps available, but Kinemaster PRO APK 2022 is one of the best editing apps you can grab. The app can be installed for Android, iPhone, and Windows.

NameKinemaster Pro APK


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Size95.5 MB
RequirementsAndroid 5.0 and up
Offered ByKineMaster Corporation
CategoryVideo Editor

About Kinemaster

Kinemaster PRO APK

For people who are into editing videos and want a decent app for free, Kinemaster is an excellent option to edit your videos. Create stunning content that can capture the best moments in every video and highlight them.

The app includes many features that help you edit more efficiently. These features include ready-to-use effects, saturation controls, brightness level controls, image overlays, font styles and sizes, animations, graphics, speed controls, etc.

You can even crop and merge different videos, create smooth transitions, import canvases from your phone’s gallery, and work with several images. The Kinemaster Pro app can be downloaded for any mobile and works with any operating system.

What to Expect from Kinemaster Pro APK

Interesting videos are what the entertainment industry is based on. Creating stunning video edits is best to preserve memories and depict them in great visuals.

After recording, the next most important step is to design a great template for your video and edit it. This can be done through Kinemaster Pro APK.

Video editing includes many aspects. Designing involves adding animations, effects, and filters to enhance the final video. In earlier days, all this editing was made possible through powerful gigantic computers with up to 4 gigabytes of RAM.

But now, all this high-profile editing can be done directly from your smartphone. This app is very easy to use and allows you to edit videos professionally. There are many options, but they can’t beat Kinemaster.

Covers Everything

The kinemaster pro full apk covers almost all aspects of video editing. It features thousands of impactful tools that help you create amazing videos. In addition to this, the app is ranked as the number one video editor app on the Google Play Store.

After downloading the app, you should also look at the premium version. The premium version offers more functions and tools that can be incorporated to produce the desired output. Now, you can also download another amazing version of this app which is green kinemaster apk, you can download this app from our website.

Two Versions of the App

The app offers two versions: free and premium. The kinemaster pro apk free version is the default version that you can install. It caters to simple functions and has limited features. In contrast, the kinemaster premium apk 2022 version offers many more tools and resources that help you create professional-looking videos.

Unfortunately, the premium version has a subscription fee. But, there is no need to worry as this article will provide you with the Mod APK file for Kinemaster Pro, which is for free.

But you can access all the features in the Pro version at no cost with this APK version. There is no need to register as well. Just install the app and start using it to create wonderful videos.

Kinemaster Pro Mod Apk

Kinemaster PRO MOD APK

For the video editing enthusiasts out there, if you haven’t found an app that you can use to edit videos on the go, then you should try Kinemaster. Kinemaster Mod APK is a one-stop solution for all the features you need for video editing.

The premium version for Kinemaster was developed to help video editors edit their videos easily. The kinemaster pro unlocked apk for the app is completely free of any charges.

The APK version has all the available features in the original version. The main difference is that you have to pay nothing for the premium version.

Make use of the features and professional tools like video blending, reversing, color pops, animating individual frames, and Chroma key.

Why install KineMaster Pro APK?

Executing a final product for your video is a hard task. It requires attention to detail, picking the correct color frame, the right dimensions, effects, frame rate, speed effects, and more.

No matter how much you work on your edits, sometimes you can forget to add important edits to the video. Therefore, choosing a video editor that helps you undo your edits and track them is important. The Kinemaster Pro Mod APK download is your best shot as it lets you edit videos freely.

Kinemaster Pro Apk allows you to work with many video layers and you can choose to preview your video at every step. This means you can keep on working on your video while watching it.

You can add up to nine video layers for every edit. This feature is rarely available in other editing apps on Android phones.

Install Kinemaster Pro APK for Android to gain free access to all the premium features.

Features of Kinemaster Pro Apk Download

Kinemaster Pro is popular in its genre due to its stunning features. Let’s have a look at them.

Kinemaster PRO APK Features
Kinemaster PRO APK Features

No Ads

The app is free from any third-party advertisements. Ads cause hindrance and disturb the user from using the app to its full potential. Enjoy editing videos without any interruptions and create stunning masterpieces.

Get rid of watermarks

Install Kinemaster if you are tired of watermarks bulging out of corners when you edit videos. The Mod APK version removes the watermarks from the side and paves the path to create an original video.

Chroma Key

If you are aware of video editing apps, you know how important a Chroma key is. It is an unusual but powerful tool that helps you edit green-screen visual effects.

High-Resolution Support

The app has many options for editing. You can edit videos in different resolutions, including 4K HD videos, to help you stand out on your social media.

Everything Unlocked

The Mod APK version for Kinemaster gives the user unlimited free access to paid resources in the original app.

Unlocked Premium Version

The app’s premium version is unlocked, where you can enjoy the top features without paying for anything.

Animation Effects

Scroll through dozens of stickers and animation effects available in the app to enhance your videos. Place animation clips and effects to bring smooth transitions to each of your videos.


Transitions are an important aspect of videos. Smooth transitions play a vital role, especially if you’re an influencer or social media star. You know how important this feature is. Therefore, apart from animations, Kinemaster allows you to add great transition effects that look classy and very realistic in your video.

Add audio

You can include voice overs or add audio snippets and music from different platforms to your video. Integrating music and audio into your video with Kinemaster is very easy.

Multiple Layers

The greatest feature of the app is perhaps the multiple layers. You can edit and create videos while previewing them simultaneously. This feature helps you to come up with great final pieces while handling everything at the same time.

All formats Supported

Kinemaster supports all formats for videos and audio. No matter which device you’re using or what format you’re working with. Kinemaster works with everything.

Rewind and Edit

Rewind and playing your recorded video backward is another great tool. This helps you adjust the video’s frame rate with much ease.

Preview before Export

Previewing the entire video before saving it one last time is important. You can preview your edits at every stage before making any further changes. This feature helps you reduce mistakes and helps you edit videos professionally.

KineMaster Pro Review

If you are an editor just starting, an app that offers top editing features for free is available. KineMaster is one of the editing apps with the best uses. Their premium version offers much more features, but it comes at a price.

Luckily, you can also choose not to pay for that with our modded app version. This version offers a lot more than the original app and is trusted by many editors.

Since videography is an ever-expanding business, Kinemaster Pro is a great app to explore video editing tools and learn professionally at no cost.

How to Download Kinemaster Pro Mod APK

You have to follow the whole process before downloading the app. Kinemaster Pro APK is an excellent app for editing videos. Therefore, installing it will help you create high-quality videos. Let’s see how to download this app.

  1. Go to your phone’s settings and enable downloads from unknown sources
  2. Open the downloads folder and click on the APK file
  3. the installation will begin
  4. you can now use the app to create and edit videos

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Is Kinemaster Pro Apk cracked safe to download?

The mod APK file is safe to download and free from viruses and malware.

Is the app free?

The app has no hidden charges or in-app purchases. You only need to install the app and start using it without paying a penny.


Kinemaster Pro APK is a great video editing app for newbie video editors looking to edit their videos professionally. There are dozens of features available in the app that you can incorporate to produce great video projects. Download the app now and enjoy a unique and professional experience.

Kinemaster Pro APK Download

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