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Good editing apps configured for smartphones are hard to find these days. Android apps mostly have basic editing apps that never offer a professional experience. But, with Kinemaster Diamond, you need not worry. You can download the app from the below given link on NY APK. Now let’s discuss some of the features and details about Kinemaster APK.

NameKinemaster Diamond APK


Updated on1 Day Ago
Size96 MB
RequirementsAndroid 5.0 and up
Offered ByKineMaster Corporation
CategoryVideo Editor

About Kinemaster Diamond 2022

Kinemaster Diamond APK

Kinemaster Pro Diamond is a premium version of a very popular editing app. It allows you to edit videos and photos professionally for Android users.

The app comes with a green screening option to remove a background from any video. After removing this, you can customize your video to add a custom background of your choice.

The editing app comes with a very comprehensive user design and interface. Its design offers the best experience to every user. You can edit videos professionally and export them to your phone’s memory while retaining the resolution.

What Kinemaster Diamond Apk Offers

You can choose through tons of filters and add to your edited piece for free. Moreover, the app helps you add VFX to your masterpieces. VFX are visual effects that you create yourself and include in the video. The visuals created through VFX do not exist in real life.

You can also share your edited pieces with those around you by exporting them to social media. Export in the resolution you want to send. Adding text and smooth transition effects makes the video more attractive. You can also use the voice-over feature to enhance the video using sounds. Additionally, you can also download kinemaster pro apk from our website as well.

The app has a multilayer feature where you can work with multiple layers all at once. Employ tools like crop, trimming, and more to create awesome transition effects.

Importing files and images from any format to the app is very easy. You can combine all these formats and begin editing professionally to create a stunning final edit.

Also, explore through the different text options as well. Lastly, Kinemaster allows you to work with any resolution. You can edit low-resolution and high-resolution images, going up to 4K. The edited piece comes with no watermark, and you have the freedom to add your watermark.

The premium version offers so much after you get started. There is no need to worry about losing your edited pieces when you accidentally close the app. All the projects get auto-saved, which is a great feature that allows you to keep on working without any worry.

Kinemaster Diamond Mod APK Download

Kinemaster Diamond Mod is a modded version for the premium app. It offers everything from the original version and more for free and is the best-modded version available for android users.

You can access all the VIP features that are already unlocked. Make use of smooth transitions and visual effects to create stunning pieces at no cost. You can add a self-created watermark through this modified version, as the modified app can easily remove the original watermark.

Also, you have the option to explore endless possibilities and have an incredible editing experience with Kinemaster Diamond apk 2022 version. Use templates and custom frames to join different videos at different frame rates. Access the premium filters to add a touch of modernity and professionalism to your videos.

You can scroll through the stickers app and add basic and advanced 3D stickers to make your videos more visually aesthetic. Share your created pieces on social media and enjoy.

Features of Kinemaster Diamond Mod APK

Some of the features that compel users to download the app are described below. Let’s go through them so that you can make an informed decision.

Kinemaster Diamond Features
Kinemaster Diamond Features

Say Goodbye to Watermark

Usually, a watermark comes at any corner of the screen with editing apps. With this Mod APK version for Kinemaster Premium, you can remove the watermark and keep on editing videos.

Work with Multiple Layers

Add multiple layers to your app and work with different things simultaneously. You can utilize data from all the layers to create a final product that looks professionally edited.

Transition effects

The app allows you to apply several transitioning effects to make the video look smooth. Use this feature to create a 3D effect for your videos. Also, use these effects anywhere in the video to deliver a great final product.

Applying Filters

Apart from all this, you can also add dramatic and cinematic touches to your video through filters. Enhance the colors and apply tools like saturation, setting hue, contrast, and more to balance the video. Furthermore, you can also download green kinemaster apk from our website.

Create videos in greyscale or different backgrounds. Using these filters, you can blur parts of each frame from the video, add haze effects, etc. You can also adjust the level of opaqueness and time duration for every video.

Slow Motion

Work with slow-motion techniques to create a calming effect in different video parts. This is a great tool to help you emphasize other parts of the video.

Add High-quality Audio

You can add customized songs to your video using the audio settings. Add the music of your choice and different sounds to add a dramatic effect to your videos. Cut or trim these songs and audio to utilize them as you wish. You can also import songs from different apps and adjust the sounds through the equalizer option. Moreover, you can use the voice-over option to make tutorials. Now, you can also download kinemaster mod apk from our website as well.


The app supports all formats for videos and images. You can work in MP4, JPEG, PNG, and many more formats to create 4K High-definition quality videos.

Access feature from Diamond Edition

The Mod APK version gives you access to all the available resources in the diamond edition for Kinemaster. Enjoy all the top features without paying a single penny.


Pick through tons and tons of themes to apply a monotonous and great effect to your video. Using a single theme for your videos helps you to create stunning videos. Additionally, you can also download kinemaster prime apk from our website and enjoy unlimited features.


After you’ve created your video, you can preview it instantly to see if there is room for more changes. The instant preview option helps you kick out any errors or unwanted things from the video before exporting it to any other app.

Chroma Key

Professional tools are what this app is about. Therefore, the inclusion of the Chroma key is an important element for this app as it allows you to remove background from video. You can use this feature to add and create different backgrounds for your video.

Keep in mind that your videos need to have a green background so that the feature can easily remove the background.

Export in Different Resolutions

You can export the video in different resolutions ranging from 420p to 4K quality. There is no lag time in your videos to keep on editing seamlessly.

Record Directly

You can record directly from the in-built camera and work on the recorded footage to edit it directly in the app. Utilize the keyframing tool to set your desired sequence while creating different animations for your video edit.

Compact Size

The modded version’s downloadable size is much less than the original version. You can work with the same features and more added features by occupying less space in your internal memory.

Advantages of Using the App

  • You can export professional videos in any format and size
  • Work with professional tools to create stunning final products full of VFS
  • Work with multiple layers at once
  • Remove the background using Chroma Key

Disadvantages of Using the App

  • The app does not support the Android versions below 4.4
  • It requires lots of practice to create edited videos

How to Download Kinemaster Diamond Mod APK

You have to follow the whole process before downloading the app. Kinemaster Diamond APK is an excellent app for editing videos. Therefore, installing it will help you create high-quality videos. Let’s see how to download this app.

  1. Go to your phone’s settings and enable downloads from unknown sources
  2. Open the downloads folder and click on the APK file
  3. the installation will begin
  4. you can now use the app to create and edit videos

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Is removing background from videos easy with Kinemaster Diamond Android?

You can easily remove the background by employing the Chroma tool. Just make sure that the background is in green color for the tool to remove it effectively.

Is the app available for iOS versions?

The app is only available for Android users as of now. The app does not yet support the iOS version. Nevertheless, the app can easily edit all video formats on Android smartphones.

Is Kinemaster Diamond safe to use?

You can download Kinemaster Diamond on your Android without worrying about any virus or malicious software. The Mod APK files are completely safe from anything that may harm your device. The app is regularly updated to fix bugs as well.


If you’re looking for a powerful editing tool, then Kinemaster Diamond Mod APK is your app. You can edit several videos professionally using a variety of VFX and more features. You can use transitions, stickers, emoticons, and more to create a stunning final product.

Add audio and voice-over to your videos to make them look more natural. Download Kinemaster Pro Diamond 2022 and enjoy a unique experience of editing videos professionally.

Kinemaster Diamond APK Download

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