Instagram Pro APK 2022 [Ads-Free] Download the Latest MOD

Instagram pro is one of the best mods for the Instagram app. However, you can download it on all android devices. It became famous as an upgraded version of the Instagram app. Moreover, it adds many new features and functionalities to the app. So, you can download this modded version from the link below.

NameInstagram Pro


Updated on1 Day Ago
Size40 MB
RequirementsAndroid 4.4+

The app Instagram is currently one of the biggest social media platforms with 1 billion monthly active users. Owned by Meta, this social media serves as an image-sharing platform. Additionally, it is available for browsers, android, and apple.

Instagram Pro APK

Instagram is primarily a free app, though the amount of control it provides to its users is quite limited. Also, there are many security concerns about the user data the app has access to and no doubt stores. All of this has caused many people to turn towards a modded solution.

Instagram Pro APK Overview

Instagram pro is also popular among many because people enjoy the bunch of features it has to offer. They agree that this mod gives simply a better experience using Instagram. However, Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms and is an excellent tool for influencers and brands. These people can use Instagram to get the most of this platform for their business.

Anyhow, doing a lot of complex work on Instagram, you’ll often run into problems. Maybe you want to download Instagram posts or stories for viewing later. Or maybe to browse the app without anyone seeing what you like or follow. For some people, maybe they want to remove ads from the app. All of these features are available in Instagram pro mod apk.

In addition, there are many modded versions of popular apps like GB Instagram available on the market. Instagram pro is undoubtedly the most popular and well-made mod. It’s popularity has gotten higher over the years. More and more people discover the vibrant experience while using this app.

Moreover, the app has also gotten better over the years. Various new features are added due to popular demand. This insta pro APK is getting regular updates. Many bugs and issues with the older version have also been fixed.

Features of Insta Pro App

After Instagram introduced Instagram reels, there was an influx of users who wanted to download these reels only available for a short time. Just like GB Instagram, Insta pro quickly added a new feature that allows you to download these reels. Moreover, it’s entirely ads-free so you don’t have to worry about the popping ads. In this way, insta pro has maintained a loyal and growing user base. We encourage you to try out this mod and see all of the features it has to offer.

Instagram Pro Features
Instagram Pro Features

Save Video Reels

It is perhaps the most asked-for feature by users. With instapro, you can download reels uploaded by anyone to your device as a video. This video is then available for later viewing.

When Instagram first introduced reels that disappear after 24 hours, many users wanted to save some reels that they would like to view later. Thus this feature was added to save reels or stories before they are gone forever.


Another highly demanded feature is the removal of ads. Yes, the instapro app is free from ads. Many people don’t like to see ads while scrolling through their feed. They might also dislike targeted marketing. Many social media platforms sell the data they collect from users to the companies willing to buy.

However, these companies then use this to show you ads they think might be interesting. Many consider this an invasion of privacy and dislike the practice in general. That is why they might switch over to apps like an Instagram pro which removes ads entirely.

App Lock

App lock is always a nice bonus privacy feature. But it is beneficial for social media apps like Instagram. Make sure to keep your account secure and your picture safe from prying eyes by putting a password on your account. Moreover, you do not need to install any extra app lock to do this, as all versions of insta pro offer the option of adding a password to the app.

Message or Chat with More Privacy

More privacy features are for a better social experience. While chatting with your friends through private messaging, you can turn off features like the “read” label that lets the other person know you have seen the message.

View Anyone’s Profile Picture

It is a great added feature. You can now view the profile picture of any account you visit. Instagram usually doesn’t allow this. However, with insta mod, you can click on someone’s profile picture to view a larger version of the image. You can zoom in on the picture if you like. Additionally, you can also download the image to your phone to save it forever.

Download Stories and Posts

It is perhaps the most commonly used feature of the Instagram pro. Download any post you see, save images posted by other people and save stories so you can revisit them later. Almost everyone will run into a situation where they would like to save something they see on Instagram.

However, the most common way to do this is to use a third-party app or website. Not only is it highly tedious but these websites can often fail to capture the desired post. Even worse is if one of these sites asks you to log in to download the post of your choice. Thus, you are essentially putting your account at risk by sharing your data with a third-party service.

Therefore, use instapro to download anything you want inside the app, and no extra steps are needed.

Choose a Custom Theme.

Customize your Instagram for a more personal experience. There are countless themes available for use in instapro. So, you can choose your colors to give your insta feed a refreshing look. Switch up whenever you like at the click of a button.

The original Instagram offers no customizability in terms of appearance. Therefore, with Insta Pro it is sure to have a refreshing experience for many users.

Pinch to Zoom into Any Post

Zoom into images of your friends. Not only can you save any post you like, but you can also view them to your liking. Click the image and pinch your fingers to zoom into an image. It is as if you were viewing the image inside your phone gallery. It is sure to come in handy on many occasions.

Choose Specific Friends who can see your Posts

Instagram offers only two options for the viewability of your posts and stories. Whether your entire account is available to see for everyone or with a private account, only people who follow you are allowed to see what you post.

But if you want more customizability, we suggest giving insta mod a try. You can customize your setting to allow only certain people to see specific posts. It gives a lot more control. Moreover, you can enjoy a public account while hiding your posts from people you don’t want to see. You can do the same thing with a private account and allow only certain people to see a post without having to unfollow anyone.

View Stories and Like Posts without Anyone’s Knowledge

Instagram usually lets your followers know when you like a post or follow an account. However, you can get rid of this mechanic by adjusting it in the setting of Instagram pro mod apk. Like any post, you want and follow any account you like. Hence, you can be sure that only you will know your activities.

Disable Double-tap to Like

Instagram has the built-in mechanic that automatically likes the post you are viewing simply by double-tapping it. It can be disastrous in some scenarios. Anyhow, many people do not like this mechanic. It is easy to slip up and accidentally double-tap a post if you are browsing. You can unlike a post, but Instagram has probably already sent notification to the account that you liked their post.

After the insta pro app download, you can simply turn off this mechanic browser and click however you want, and a post will only be liked when you press the like button. No more accidentally liking random posts.

Unfollow Tracker

Many people want to know when anyone follows them. Many websites and apps provide this service for Instagram. They can give a list of the people who unfollowed you and the time when they clicked the unfollow button.

In addition, Instagram pro has a feature that acts in the same way. It can provide you with a list of everyone who unfollows you. When you switch over to the insta apk, the unfollow tracker will keep track of all the changes made in your follow list, and you can view them to your liking.

How to Download and Install Instagram Pro

Downloading Instagram Pro Apk is as simple and easy as downloading the official version. Follow the steps below to download it and install it on your android device.

  1. Firstly, click on the link given below to download the Instagram Pro from NY APK.
  2. After Downloading it, Allow other sources install from your mobile settings and get it installed.
  3. After the installation process is done, you can easily use Instagram Pro Apk.

Insta Pro Apk vs Instagram Pro Apk

Many people are confused about the difference between Instagram pro vs. insta pro. It is essentially the same mod that has existed on the web for quite some time. The app is sometimes referred to as Instagram pro. However, the proper stylization is insta mod. Though it is confusing for some people, they are essentially the same app popular for being the most used Instagram mod.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Instagram pro 2022 safe to use?

Many people would like to know if mods like Instagram pro apk are safe to use. This mod was created professionally by developers to ensure no bugs or errors. You can simply log into your account, and all your data is switched over. Your account will appear exactly as it would normally.

Additionally, Instagram pro does not store any of its user’s data. This mode automatically blocks pesky data trackers from collecting your data or sending it to a third party. In doing so, you can be assured that your account is completely secure. However, this website offers Instagram pro download for free.

How to download stories and videos from insta pro?

You can download any video or story within the app. There will be an added option of saving the video that you wish to download. Simply click the save button to download the video, and it will be saved to your internal gallery.

Where to download the pro apk mod?

The insta pro updated version is available for download on this page. We make sure that it is updated regularly. So, download the insta mod apk file from here and install it to get the app.


Insta Pro 2022 is a modded version of the Instagram app with many great features. Whether you use Instagram for personal use or to manage a business, you will find that the original app often lacks powerful tools to perform any advanced actions. However, Instagram pro mod apk 2022 is popular because it has many features that users often need while using Instagram.

Most people would get by through third-party services to get the functionality they needed in the past. Until an app like Instagram pro apk 2022 was made, it was the only way to perform some of these actions. However, this mod has incorporated these powerful tools and made them available inside the app.

You will find an Instagram pro to provide a much better experience in doing so. This mod also allows you to customize your feed and account to your liking. Moreover, Instagram provides very little flexibility in terms of customization as compared to the Pro version.

Therefore, we encourage you to try out the insta pro updated version and see how well it fares, enhance your Instagram experience and gain a great deal of freedom by installing this mod.