Download GTA 5 for iOS (iPhone & iPad) Latest Version [2022]

GTA 5 iOS is a very addicting game due to its realistic plot and attractive features. The game’s basic story revolves around three criminals who embark on different illegal quests. These quests involve shooting people who come in your way to stop you and driving around the city in stolen cars. It is an intense game that revolves around mafia gangs. The genre falls under adventure and thrill. You can download this game by given button below:

NameGTA 5 iOS


Updated on2 hours Ago
Size2.3 GB
RequirementsiOS 7.0 and up
Offered ByRockstar Games, Inc.

Initially, the game was launched just for Play Station. But over the years, it has become available on other devices. GTA 5 is located in a fictional location named Los Santos. This city’s design takes inspiration from Los Angeles. Each game’s story takes place in a different city.  You can either choose to play the game from a first-person perspective or a third-person perspective.


GTA 5 has had many installments. Rockstar Games has developed all the versions of Grand Theft Auto. It rose to fame back in the day, and many people played it on their PCs. This version is developed to fit your phone screens now so that you can enjoy the game on your iPhone or iPads as well.

The Gameplay of GTA 5 for iOS

GTA 5 iOS gives real-life-like opportunities to the players in the game. You can invest your earned money in the stock market and even mortgage property to gain more points. If the character commits a crime, the game display will show a wanted meter. This meter will help you locate where the law enforcement authorities are so that your player can escape them easily.

Complete your missions and journey around the city to earn more rewards. The made-up city of Los Santos is quite large. The game has a variety of places that you can explore. Hence, you can wander about wherever you like.

The in-game characters are also very tech-savvy, as each of them has a smartphone to connect to. You can play challenges with your friends and plan activities together. Players can also experience scuba diving, base jumping, and more.

Overall, the story is very exciting and provides many thrilling opportunities. It keeps the player engaged in all sorts of activities. The captivating story, stunning graphics, and thrilling quests in the game keep you engaged throughout. In addition, you can also download winning eleven 2012 apk for free.

The Storyline

The story begins with three friends who committed a failed robbery about a decade ago.

The main character in the game named, Michael, lives under witness protection after committing high-profile crimes. Even though he lives under supervision, his path meets with a gang mafia leader Franklin. Soon after this, Michael returns to his medieval ways of living life as a criminal.

Every character in the game has a total of eight skillsets. Their abilities include driving, looting, shooting, and other criminal acts. These skills improve as you advance in the game.

The overall graphics and sound system make the game very addictive. The game’s user interface and design are incredibly addictive, so the game is very popular among its players.

The App Store also has a beta version for this game. Beta versions are official releases from the game’s original developers. This type of version is rolled out to check how users will respond to the version. Mod for games are modified versions that make all the premium features in the game available for free.

GTA 5 iOS Top Features

Some of the best features that make this installment for GTA V for iPhone great are described below. This will help you see why the GTA game has had a huge fan base over the last few decades. You can also check now Stickman Warriors MOD APK from our website.

The mod for this game has many advantages. It offers all of the top features. You can download GTA 5 for iPhone or iPad without paying for anything. Immerse yourself into a captivating world of crime and deadly experiences.

GTA 5 iOS Features
GTA 5 iOS Features

Interactive World Design

Any good game is determined based on its animation and sound system. The user’s experience in the game matters a lot. If a player does not like the storyline and graphics of the game, the game will not perform well on the charts.

However, GTA 5 iOS welcomes a large fan base. This is primarily due to its highly inquisitive game experience and realistic designs. Every move is designed with a lot of attention to detail.

Realistic Storyline

The scenarios in the game are based on real crime features. The scenes in the game are very interactive, with intense missions. All the scenarios in the game are a combination of unique elements that determine how the player will navigate through the different levels.

Different Camera Perspectives

The three main characters in the game go by Trevor, Michael, and Franklin. Each character works for different missions. Therefore, each character in the game has a different perspective. Every mission allotted to the characters has different difficulty levels.

The difference in these missions diversifies your user experience and uplifts your overall experience. Moreover, the missions in the game affect the character’s lifestyles and interactions they have with others. Now, you can also download bellara blrx injector apk from our website for free.

Exciting Gameplay

Discover how the underworld works and indulge yourself in dangerous illegal acts while working for a mafia group. The player is always put in a tough spot due to the missions listed by the mafia gang. Your job is to embark on a journey and complete all these missions.

Nonetheless, you have complete autonomy and freedom in the game. You can go wherever you want and roam around the city. Enjoy every activity to the fullest while committing crimes and working for your mafia group.

Buy Vehicles & Weapons

Weapons are an important part of the game. This is because the whole game includes crimes. Sometimes you have to loot and steal at gunpoint too. So, if you have an upgraded weapon, it will increase your chances of winning and completing missions faster.

Online Multiplayer

Playing online with friends gives its players a lot of thrill and excitement. You can embark on different missions together and compete with each other to finish tasks. Online mode is a perfect way to keep you entertained and hooked to the game.

Amazing graphics and soundtrack

The first-person perspective in the game has amazing graphics with realistic effects that make the user indulgent in each gameplay. Effects such as explosions need a lot of image processing and rendering. Hence, they require more disk space to work efficiently.

Many other graphical elements are equipped with audio to create an overall addictive game environment. Most players play this version because of the well-detailed graphics and attached audio.

Upgrade to increase your Lifetime

Buy cars and other utilities to increase your chances of surviving. Bulletproof cars are a great way to get away from people after you. Upgrading your skills and equipment increases your chances of living a longer life.

System Requirements for GTA 5 iOS

Modified version can be downloaded from this article by following a few simple steps. The download procedure is very straightforward. The game requires a processor with high speed and response time. Any normal iPhone will not be able to support the game’s graphics and storage space. A recommended RAM size is about 4 GB with at least a dual-core processor.

Download GTA 5 for iOS

The provided link is one of the easiest to this version of GTA 5 iOS. Most iOS versions meet the basic storage and RAM requirements for the game. Therefore, you can easily play the game on your iOS device without lag time.

Download the game to enjoy a great gaming experience from these handheld devices. No need to turn on your PC frequently to play the game.

  • Download the .ipa file from the given link
  • Open the iTunes application on Mac or PC.
  • Go to your app library.
  • Drag the .ipa file to the app library to install it.
  • iTunes will ask for installation. Click install
  • Now sync your iTunes account.
  • The app will be installed on your iOS mobile device as well.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Is the .ipa file for GTA 5 iOS safe to download?

The .ipa file has no errors or viruses within the game. You can download and install the GTA 5 iOS without any fear and navigate your way through the fictional city.

Can I install GTA 5 iOS from the App Store?

The Mod file violate the copyright rules set out by the App Store. The game cannot be found on the App Store. Although, you can get the Beta version for GTA 5 iOS from the App Store.

End Note

We have explained all you need to know about GTA 5. GTA 5 for iOS has garnered worldwide attention and has many positive reviews. Download the latest version for your apple device now and enjoy this amazing crime-filled gaming experience.

If you have ever thought about how the underworld operates, this game is for you. Discover secrets of mafia groups and how they get things done. If you’re bored with how a simple life operates, then transmit yourself into one of these characters and live their life.

GTA 5 iOS is an action-filled game that offers incredible adventures. You are always on the edge of your seat during the game because each event has a surprise for you. One wrong turn in the game can get you caught, disrupting your mission.

The different characters and amazing graphics make the game even more addictive. Follow the storyline to understand your missions better and play the game efficiently. Live a life of crime and luxury while working for the underground world. The game is packed with graphics and effects that never let you get bored.