Download Green Kinemaster Mod APK 2022 [Premium Unlocked]

If you’re looking for a great editing app that is top-rated and features many positive reviews, then look no further. Green Kinemaster pro apk has got you covered. Android editing apps are mostly basic. Therefore, if you want a professional app that is easy to use, this is your answer. You can download the app from the link below.

NameGreen Kinemaster APK


Updated on1 Day Ago
Size35.1 MB
RequirementsAndroid 5.0 and up
Offered ByKineMaster Corporation
CategoryVideo Editor

About Green Kinemaster 2022

The app offers a lot of flexibility and liberty to edit your videos the way you want to. The user interface and design have an inclusive design so that people from all age groups can use the app easily. You can edit great videos even if you’re a newbie and produce great final products that are visually appealing.

Green Kinemaster APK
Green Kinemaster APK

Work with multiple layers using a single frame and have everything in front of you before you begin editing. The app is great for people who like posting different videos on their social media accounts or do vlogging. You can create mesmerizing vlogs with the app. Green Kinemaster is an all-in-one app for people across the globe. This is why it is trusted by many for editing purposes. Now, you can also download kinemaster prime apk from our website.

What Kinemaster Green Apk has to offer

Suppose you add features like clipped scenes, Chroma key, blending and blurring effects, speed control and slow motion, text, subtitles, and smooth transitions. In that case, you can develop a professional-looking final video.

You can use the interface to navigate the app easily and create new projects on the go. Anyone can use the app to edit and produce professional videos that editors can export in any resolution.

Why use Green Kinemaster Pro Apk Download

Green Kinemaster pro apk 2022 offers a lot of features and much more. It is one of the best-modded versions for people to use everywhere and at any time. It is a very stable app and has all the premium features unlocked compared to its predecessors.

Using the Mod APK version instead of the original one has many advantages. Sometimes, the actual app shuts down automatically due to a high influx of data. This problem is not present in the modified version.

Moreover, you may also experience problems in exporting videos to different social media apps. In addition to this, sometimes the filters do not apply efficiently to your video. All these bugs are taken care of in the modified version, making it an excellent alternative to download and use.

Features of Green Kinemaster Mod APK

Many features compel users to download the kinemaster green screen apk mentioned here. Let’s look at what the app has in store for its users.

Green Kinemaster Features
Green Kinemaster Features

Free to Use

The modified version comes at no cost. You can access all the premium features from the original app and employ them to create incredible visuals without paying any subscription or fee.

Slow Motion Control

Green Kinemaster gives you the liberty to control the speed of frames in every video you create. You apply slow motion or make different parts of the video at a fast-paced rate. It helps you exaggerate and highlight various points in the video that you might want to emphasize.

Add Subtitles

If you’re editing a vlog or a tutorial, you can also use the subtitles option to include subtitles in your video. This feature helps reach a larger audience as people from different parts of the world can understand what you’re saying in the video through these subtitles.

Sound System and Voice Over

Add different sounds and audios to your video to create a dramatic and realistic effect. You can adjust the volumes differently in every part of the video and work on the volume and pitch. Custom songs can also be imported and trimmed according to your need in the video. Users can also avail the voice-over option if they want to add personal audio to the video.

Transitioning Effects

3D transitions always look great in a video and add a cinematic effect. With this app, you can play with 3D transitions and add them to different video parts to create an incredible, eye-catching final product.

Record on the Go

There is a built-in camera option that you can use to capture moments instantly and edit them there and then. This feature makes it easy to create videos directly through the app and not import them from anywhere else using a different camera. Now, you can also download kinemaster diamond apk from our official website NY APK.

Share to Social Media

Export our masterpieces and share them on your social media profiles directly. You can export videos to every social media platform, including WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.

Play Video in Reverse

This feature is new to editing apps on Android. The reverse feature creates a great effect on your videos as you can choose to play a recorded video in reverse and add it to the video. This feature adds a visually appealing and cinematic effect to your final video.

Add Themes

Choose from multiple templates and use them as a base for your video editing session. Apply a single theme to create a well-formed structure for your entire video. The app has dozens of in-store themes, which are regularly updated.


Effects like fade in, fade out, blur, adding haze, adjusting the light and vignette effects, and so much more is possible in this app. So, you can use all these effects for free with the modded version.

Export High-Definition Videos

The app gives you the freedom to choose a resolution quality and work with it. You can export videos up to 4K at 2160 pixels with a frame per second rate.

Time Lapsing & Multiple Formats

With this mod version, you also have the option to add different time-lapses in parts of your video and work with other frames to develop a great final product. You can work with different formats for audio, video, and images. The real-time recording format also supports audio.

Omit the Watermark

A watermark comes at any corner of the screen with many editing apps. But, the Mod APK version for Green Kinemaster helps you remove the watermark.

Aspect Ratio

Set the aspect ratio before or even after editing your video. The Aspect ratio helps create a video that will fit all screen sizes.

Chroma Key APK Download

Use the Chroma key to play with the background in your videos and change it. Chroma key works by turning the background you want to remove or edit into green color. The green color marking makes it easy to cut out the background and add a new one.

What to Expect from the App

The app offers a lot of new features as well. All the bugs and glitches are taken care of through regular updates. You can use the sound equalizer to include diverse audios. It gives you the liberty to change the background and auto-saves the incomplete projects.

  • No Ads
  • Watermark is removed and can be modified
  • Users can control video speed and FPS
  • Editors can add new stickers to multiple frames in the video
  • The background can also be changed

Editing with Green Kinemaster Mod APK

Follow the steps listed below to edit your videos efficiently.

  • After downloading the app, open it
  • Tap on the “Project Assistant” tab and begin the project
  • Name your project
  • Add multiple layers or choose a base template to work with
  • Click on the “next” buttons while choosing different options at each stage
  • Add effects like transitions and more
  • Add audio or background music

How to Download Green Kinemaster MOD APK

You have to follow the whole process before downloading the app. Green Kinemaster APK is an excellent app for editing videos. Therefore, installing it will help you create high-quality videos. Let’s see how to download this app.

  1. Go to your phone’s settings and enable downloads from unknown sources
  2. Open the downloads folder and click on the APK file
  3. the installation will begin
  4. you can now use the app to create and edit videos

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Does Green Kinemaster have ads?

The modded version for Green Kinemaster does not entail advertisements from third-party apps. This is one of the features that help you create videos without interruptions.

Is the app available for iOS version?

The app does not support the IOS version of smartphones and only works with Android.

Does the download file contain any virus?

The app’s download files are tried and tested for any virus or malicious software. Therefore, you can download the app without fearing any virus lurking.

Final Notes

Create a unique and interesting video using Green Kinemaster Mod APK. The app includes all the professional features to help you create an incredible final product that can be shared on any platform. Avail features like no watermark and adding text to create wonderful videos.

Add transitions, sound effects, dramatic changes, and much more to make your video more visually appealing. Download the app now to access all the unlocked features for free.

Green Kinemaster APK Download

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