How To Get Punch in Stumble Guys?

Have you ever seen the secret expressions and gestures within Stumble Guys? Chances are, you haven’t! Many players remain oblivious to these subtle mechanics, as they are wholly engrossed in the competitive spirit, striving to outmaneuver their opponents and secure a winning position. Nevertheless, specific strategic actions can truly turn the tide in your favor, disrupting your rivals’ momentum by executing well-timed punches and deft grabs to push them off the playing field. Let’s dive into the intriguing world of Stumble Guys MOD APK and explore the elusive Punch Emote, Heart Emote, Kick Emote, and the coveted Golden Banana Emote. If you’re eager to discover how to obtain the elusive Punch Emote in Stumble Guys without spending a dime, stay tuned and read on till the very end.

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How To Get Punch in Stumble Guys

This marathon is tough and full of challenges; players must overcome them to reach the final round. Even though everyone plays the same game, those with better skills have an advantage. Some players have unique emotes called “Stumble Guys Special” that help them stand out, but only around 10% of players have unlocked these special emotes.

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In Stumble Guys, all players want to reach the finish line using joysticks and jump buttons. But there are some secret actions you can only do with special emotes from the paid Stumble Pass. You need to buy the premium battle pass to get all the emotes in Stumble Guys. This pass unlocks various emotes that allow you to perform unique actions in the game. So, if you want access to those cool emotes and their hidden abilities, you’ll need to get the Stumble Pass by purchasing it. 

Get Punch in Stumble Guys Game

Let’s discuss special emotes and how to get them to become strong competitors. These emotes can give you an advantage in the game and increase your chances of winning. You must unlock the Battle Pass, a paid feature, and spend gems to obtain these magical emotes. But if you don’t want to spend real money, you can still earn gems by playing well and winning matches. Another way to get free gems in Stumble Guys is by following the tips in one of our articles. So, work hard, collect gems, and unlock the Stumble Pass to access those excellent emotes! Stumble Guys has added four special emotes that many players might not know about. These emotes have special abilities that can be advantageous in the game.

  • Punch Emote
  • Heart Emote
  • Kick Emote
  • Banana Emote

In the game Stumble Guys, there’s a move called the Punch emote. You can learn how to do it after unlocking the Stumble Pass. When you use the Punch emote, your character wears a boxing glove on their head. If you’re running next to another player, you can try to knock them out with this punch move. However, it’s not easy to pull off, and you must wait for the perfect moment to use it, or it might not work correctly.

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Punch Emote, Kick Emote, Heart Emote

You must collect gems to get the punch to emote in Stumble Guys. You can win matches and complete tasks to earn these gems. You’ll need an unlocked stumble pass to access the emote, which you can get using the gems. These gems you make from winning tournaments or watching ads daily. You can watch up to five ads every day to earn more gems. You can focus on improving your gameplay skills, avoiding falls, and getting close to victory to gather more gems. If you can’t wait to unlock these unique features, you can download the mod version of Stumble Guys.

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