How To Get Heroic Dragon in Dragon City? (Full Guide)

Dragon City is a popular simulation game where you can control your Dragons using exciting controls. You can use rewards and money to buy various things in the game and also get many supplies to keep your castles safe and secure. There are different types of Dragons in Dragon City; you can unlock all of them while playing the game.

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How To Get Heroic Dragon in Dragon City

The best and strongest dragon type is Heroic Dragon in Dragon City, and they are difficult to get. It would help if you spent a lot of time and energy to get Heroic Dragons; they all have four elements and have a lot of health and strength. Today, we discuss some simple steps to get Heroic Dragons in Dragon City.

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Steps to get Heroic Dragon in Dragon City:

The Heroic Dragon is the most powerful Dragon in Dragon City MOD APK, and it is hard to get because it takes a lot of time and energy. But now, with some techniques, you can get ahead of all the other players in the race and win this strong type of Dragon.

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Dragon City Game

There are different Heroic Dragons like celestial, commander, Entity, tension, comet, nucleus, high priest, superior, portal, guardian, etc. Below are some simple steps or guidelines; you can get heroic dragons in Dragon City.

  • You can get two possible Heroic Dragons in the game-one has already played your own game before, and the other has passed.
  • To get the existing Dragon, go to lap 12 because laps 7,9, and 12 will give you a puzzle to call this hero dragon. You will need three of them. So please don’t discard them, and be careful not to do so accidentally. You will get two heroic dragons if you reach lap12 and take first place before the end of the race.
  • You will get a new Heroic Dragon if you reach lap15 or only win the race. Suppose you are only on lap 3, and everyone is on lap 1; you can get a new Heroic Dragon and win the race. You don’t need to reach lap12 and win the race; you don’t have to win this new Heroic Dragon; if people are still ahead of you, you only need to reach lap15.
  • Each node comes with a certain number of tasks; you must complete them all. If it shows you wooden claws, you have to win a specific number of times from the league.
  • If it shows you a blue flower, you need to hatch it to get it. Using basic Dragons does not work. At least two to three hours of dragons are available, so try hatching similar dragons so you can collect flowers as soon as possible. You can also buy simple dragons, like metal dragons, that still provide you with these flowers.
  • If it shows a pink flower which means you have to breed the Dragon to get it, trying to breed dragons will take a short time. Moreover, if it shows crimson and green flowers, you must collect food. Ensure you have the largest grain farms to bloom as much as possible.
  • If coins are shown, you need to collect gold coins; it is the easiest item to collect. To get more gold coins, you must fill your habitat with the largest number of dragons and upgrade as many habitats as possible.
  • If a blue beetle is shown, you have to feed the Dragon; you don’t have to spend too much food; keep the Dragon’s young, and feed them to level 8.
  • If you reach lap15, you should have two Heroic Dragons available simultaneously, so collect your Heroic Dragon. Then go to your storage, tap on the hatch cover next to the hero dragon egg, and ensure your hatchery is empty. Heroic Dragons are very powerful; raising their star rating will give them more strength and health. Respectively, they are 10 and 20 years old, unlike other dragons.


Heroic Dragons are the most powerful type of Dragon in Dragon City, and it is hard to get them because it requires a lot of effort and time. But after reading this article, you will be able to know how to get Heroic Dragons in Dragon City. You need to reach lap15 or only win the race, and then you will get a new heroic dragon. The above-given guidelines will be helpful for you, and you will easily get heroic dragons in Dragon City.

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