GBWhatsApp Mini 2022 Download lite APK Anti-Ban for Android

The advantage the users have with the lite versions of applications is they offer possibility to use the basic features removing the secondary aspects. The best part of lite apps is they save our battery and storage both. Famous applications like Facebook and Instagram have already successfully launched their lite versions and now it also comes in WhatsApp in mode of GBWhatsApp mini.

NameGB WhatsApp Mini APK


Updated on17 August 2021
Size36.6 MB
RequirementsAndroid 4.0.3+

The full version of GBWhatsApp lite is thought to be the best along with WhatsApp Plus. It’s one of the awesome options in WhatsApp MODs due to its customizations and privacy features. The Mini version of it provides all the basic and the most important advantages of GB WhatsApp removing the features that are unnecessary for most of the users: such as; the interface’s customization. Created by Atnaf Hoaks this lite version of GB WhatsApp is surely the need of your RAM. Sometimes you have a lot of applications to install and then your mobile runs slow and consumes more battery but with downloading GBWhatsApp mini APK, you will not face this problem anymore as it is lite enough to consume less battery and give you faster and smoother service. This modded version occupies less space in your phone and runs smoothly providing you fast and quick service. Don’t wait and download this mod now.

GBWhatsapp Mini Apk Features

Basically GB WhatsApp Mini is the official lite version of GB WhatsApp that has earned a big name among its users but most its part is disturbing and storage taking therefore GBWhatsApp mini is the awesome solution to all those issues for its amazing features and less storage. Check the features given below.

GB WhatsApp Mini APK
Infographic: GB WhatsApp Mini APK

Helps your RAM work quicker

To start with, GB WhatsApp lite APK is a best option among the Modded WhatsApp’s as it takes less space (only 22 MB) in your RAM storage and your RAM doesn’t slow down due to its load and runs smoothly with out any trouble.

Anti Revoke

If the sender has deleted a message then GBWhatsApp mini will still show it. It means the message can’t be deleted either from the sender or the receiver.

DND Mode

This mode is awesome. Its keeps you peaceful and undisturbed. You won’t receive any extra notifications from WhatsApp if you enable the DND mode.

Ad Free communication

Recently GB WhatsApp introduced showing ads in order to make some bucks out of it. It was a really an irritating dispute for the GB WhatsApp users. Like NO Whatsapp Apk, in GB WhatsApp Mini APK you can enjoy ad free communication that too nonstop.

Status downloading

If you are seeing someone’s status and it touches you so much that you want to download it but you are using the official WhatsApp so you will have to download other apps to get the statuses in your storage. In GB WhatsApp mini you can easily download any status from your contacts and have fun.

Increased media sizes in GBWhatsapp Lite APK

Unlike WhatsApp official version you don’t have to worry about sending only 16 mbs data at a time. With the help of this version you can send up to 1 GB files at a time.

Further, along with all these features mentioned above you are allowed to hide your last seen, secure your chats with security passwords, hide your typing status, conceal the blue and the double tick without any worry and theme your WhatsApp with your own choice.

How to Download and Install GB WhatsApp Mini

Downloading GB WhatsApp Mini is as simple and easy as downloading the official version. Follow the steps below to download it and install it on your android device.

  1. Firstly, click on the link given below to download the GB Whatsapp Mini APK from our website.
  2. After Downloading it, Allow other sources install from your mobile settings and get it installed.
  3. After the installation process is done, you can easily log in to it with your phone number.
  4. If you are willing to back up your old WhatsApp, you can backup your chat by going to the settings in the WhatsApp and clicking on “Chats.”

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1: How much mbs do we need to download GB WhatsApp Mini APK?

You need only 22 mbs to download this app.

2: Can we send more than 16 mbs video in this app?

You can send up to 1 GB video file with the help of GB WhatsApp Mini.

GBWhatsapp Mini Apk Conclusion

WhatsApp users are sometimes fed up with the fact this application sometimes takes extra storage and battery and slows the RAM down. GB WhatsApp mini is the ultimate solution to this problem. It occupied less space, consumes lesser battery, and keeps the phones faster in service. Yet, it comes with all the basic facilities that one wants in a modded version. You have the offer to hide your last seen for your privacy purposes, conceal the blue, and double tick to avoid unusual disturbance.

Further, it comes only with 22 MBS with complete services that include sending files up to 1 GB, getting rid of irritating ads, and downloading the statuses if you like them.

Convulsively, the GB WhatsApp mini is an awesome package especially for the users who has RAM with more or less storage and want to enjoy WhatsApp without causing the phone performance to be slow. Follow our website to download this wonderful modded version of WhatsApp.

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