Fifa Mobile Rank Up Guide (Complete)

Fifa Mobile is the best game for football lovers because it lets you make your team with your favorite players. Today, we will discuss how to rank up in Fifa Mobile MOD APK. In this article, we will provide you with a full guide about ranking up; after reading it, you will be able to know how to rank up.

Fifa Mobile Rank Up Guide

What is Rank up?

Once you upgrade a player to 100 OVR maximum, you can no longer upgrade their OVR; here, rank-up works. Using rank up even through the OVR and the attributes of the players don’t increase, but your team’s OVR will increase. Suppose your team’s OVR is 110, and you rank up your players five times; the OVR of your team will increase by 1 OVR to 111. If you rank your players ten times, then the OVR of your team will increase to 112.

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What is Rank up
What is Rank up

Remember that ranking up does not increase the player’s attribute at all, which means it is only beneficial for the OVR of the team. That’s why ranking up is useful for your team’s OVR, and you will know that a higher OVR provides you with more chances at VSA.

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How to Rank Up Players?

Rank Up provides many benefits and will help increase your team’s OVR. Now we tell you how to rank players in Fifa Mobile. You can easily rank up players in Fifa Mobile without any problem.

  • In the latest season of the Fifa Mobile, the requirements of ranking up are easier than in previous seasons. Now, you need to rank your players five times to increase the OVR of your team OVR+1. You don’t need any longer duplicates, and requirements for the players are only at 78+ OVR.
  • In the previous seasons, you must have a player with 100 OVR without a skill boost to rank up. If you have not reached a maximum OVR 100, rank-up cannot be done.
  • This season allows you to rank up any player you want, even if their OVR has yet to reach 100.

Impact of Rank Ups on Team OVR:

After every five ranks, you will receive an increase in OVR by one. To check out how close you are to getting your next OVR from ranks, you can tap your OVR badge in the My Team screen. It does not improve your team or player stats. The only benefit of the increase in OVR is your chance differential when playing vs. attack or in your league vs. league battles.

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Impact of Rank Ups on Team OVR
Impact of Rank Ups on Team OVR

How to Get Rank Shards:

To rank up your players, you need to collect the rank shards. There are many ways to get rank shards, like legendary, common, rare, and epic. You can get them from events, rewards, store offers, SBC, etc.

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How to Get Rank Shards
How to Get Rank Shards

Sometimes, you can get Rank shards by playing events for free; sometimes, you must redeem them for gems in the store. Also, you can get Rank shards through SBC by trading your players.

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Rank Transfer:

In the previous seasons, your player will be gone if you transfer their ranks to another player. But now, you can transfer ranks without losing your player from one player to another. The cost for rank transfer is the difference in coins between the player you are transferring to and the player you are transferring from. 

Rank Transfer
Rank Transfer

How to Transfer Ranks:

If you want to know how to transfer ranks from one player to another player, you have to follow some steps. Here we tell you some simple steps, so follow them to transfer ranks.

  • Go to My Team, tap on the player you want to transfer rank to and click the Train button.
  • Then, choose the Rank transfer tab.
  • After that, you will see a player whose rank will be transferred, and the player who will receive rank transfer will appear here.
  • Click a player at the bottom to which you want to transfer the rank and click on the transfer button.

After completing these steps, the ranks will be easily transferred from one player to another.


In this article, we tell you how to rank up in Fifa mobile and how you can rank up your players. After reading it, you will be able to know which requirements you need to fulfill to rank up players. Also, you will learn how to transfer ranks without losing a player from one player to another. These guidelines will be helpful for you.

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