Live Stream Sports with CricPK Mod Apk – Download Latest Version 2023

CricPK Apk is a free app for android mobile that provides a vast library of top sports and entertainment channels. It offers quite a large catalog of channels from multiple countries. Most of the offered channels are from the South Asian region. This app can be a great treat for sports fans who want to livestream their favorite tournaments and sports leagues live.

NameCricPK APK
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Size5.5 MB
RequirementsAndroid 5.0 and up
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This tv app offers almost 50+ channels for your entertainment same like hd streamz apk. You can live to stream any of the given channels in high defination. As the app is more geared towards sports fans, almost all major sports broadcasting channels are available. Of course, the biggest cricket broadcast providers are also available to watch.

CricPK Apk Cover
CricPK Apk Cover

CricPK 2023 Feature Highlights

CricPK stands out amongst many tv apps due to its well-designed interface and high functionality. The app offers almost 50 channels laid out in a neat and easily accessible interface same like niazi tv apk. The overall app experience is organized and intuitive. The inbuilt player runs smoothly and has all the basic controls you need for live streaming. Of course, the app also supports third-party video players. In case you have preferred playing for streaming. Furthermore, now you can download pikashow apk for free from NY APK.

Download CricPK Apk
Download CricPK Apk

Along with sports, the app also offers other major tv channels. Its library consists of mostly Pakistani, Indian and Bengali channels. You will find content in multiple languages and genres. Moreover, the channels provided are available in Urdu, Hindi, English, and Bengali. The channel categories include sports, movies, drama series, and kids’ content. Now, you can also download latest version of rts tv apk from our website.

This app has a lot more to offer in terms of its functionality. It provides a complete experience for tv streaming. Let’s look at some of the most notable features of the app.

1. Live sports

1. Live sports

Do you want to experience your favorite sports matches and top league events on your mobile phone in real-time? Now you can live stream your favorite events for free using this app. It has a large catalog of almost the biggest sports broadcasting channels. This app is primarily geared toward sports fans, so you will find channels that cater to many sports, including cricket, soccer, hockey, tennis, and many more.

2. Endless entertainment

2. Endless entertainment

Even if you are not a sports fan, you will find many other channels on this app that may prove to be more entertaining. Some channels cater to fans of movies and tv series, dramas, kids’ entertainment, cartoons, cooking, and much more. You will easily find a channel that fits your liking. There are a lot of channels to explore in the app’s library. So make sure to try out all the different provided in the app catalog.

3. Great interface

3. Great interface

This app stands out amongst many others in the app marketplace due to its clean and easy-to-navigate interface. The app is designed to minimize the cluttering of interface elements, and the overall interface is modern and well-designed. The channels are laid out in an organized manner for easy access. And all the settings you will need are provided in a well-laid-out side menu. We also recommend you to download lepto sports apk from NY APK.

4. Built-in video player

4. Built-in video player

The app has its own built player for live streaming. It is well designed and functions seamlessly. The player has all the basic controls you will need for playing and streaming tv channels. The app also supports third-party players if you prefer a different player than you would use. Just make sure that the third-party player you are using supports real-time live streaming.

5. Free and unlimited streaming

5. Free and unlimited streaming

This app is truly great because it provides a completely free service to stream content as much as you like. All of the channels provided by the app are available for free. There are truly no hidden subscription fees or paywalls. There is also no limit to the amount of content you can consume. So feel free to stream all your favorite tv endlessly and completely free of cost. Additionally, we’ve another good app for live streaming that is ghd sports apk. It is also free to download from our website.

6. Multiple streaming sources

Multiple streaming sources
Multiple streaming sources

It is perhaps one of the best features that distinguishes a truly great tv app from a mediocre one. The CricPK app provides multiple stream sources for each one of its tv channels. If one stream goes down for one reason or another, you can very easily switch to a different source. This will ensure that you don’t accidentally miss a moment of live content due to stream failure.

7. Dark and light theme

7. Dark and light theme

The CricPK app, in its latest version, has now provided support for a dark theme. Many users will appreciate and prefer to use a dark mode while viewing content at night. It is a great feature that adds to the functionality of the app. You can use the default light version of the app or go to your setting to switch to dark mode. We also recommend you to download abbasi tv apk.

8. No advertisements

No advertisements
No advertisements

One of the app’s best features is that all in-app advertisements have been removed. This means that you can enjoy your video content without having to worry about annoying interruptions or pesky pop ads. The app is completely free as it does not rely on viewing advertisements for revenue. So you can enjoy your favorite tv channels in peace away from any advertisements.


  • Over 50+ channels of different genres are provided for your entertainment.
  • The interface and layout are clean and well designed.
  • The app supports HD streaming for a high-quality experience.
  • All the channels are free, with no hidden charges or in-app purchases.
  • You can avail unlimited streaming without viewing any ads or pop-up interruptions.
  • The app provides channels in multiple languages such as Urdu, Hindi, English, Bengali, and Arabic. The channels offered also originate from different countries.
  • CricPK offers both light and dark modes.


  • The app is not available from the official google play store. The only way to download it is directly from an apk file. Ensure that you have obtained the apk from any third-party apps from trusted sources. To ensure there is no risk of unwanted malware.
  • Almost all of the channels are streamed in HD, so you need a good quality internet connection. Suppose your experience lags or buffers due to a poor connection. Try to switch to lower-quality video streaming.

Download CrickPK APK

You can download the app for your mobile device using an apk file. We will provide the original CricPK apk file for download. Follow the steps listed below to download CricPK apk for your phone.

  • First, download the given apk file by clicking on the download link.
First, download the given apk file by clicking on the download link.
  • You will be redirected to the download page, and your download will begin shortly.
You will be redirected to the download page, and your download will begin shortly.
  • Next, you must locate the apk file in your phone storage.
  • Next, you must open the file.
Next, you must open the file.
  • Before attempting to install any third-party apks, you must enable “unknown sources” installation from the security tab of your phone settings.
you must enable “unknown sources” installation
  • The package manager will ask if you wish to install the app.
The package manager will ask if you wish to install the app.
  • Click Install.
Click Install.
  • Wait for the installation to finish.
Wait for the installation to finish.
  • Once installation is successfully complete, the app is ready to use.
Once installation is successfully complete, the app is ready to use.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How to get the CricPK for mobile?

Unfortunately, this app is not available for download from the android play store. You must download the app directly from the apk file. You should always download third-party apks from trusted sources. Now, you can easily obtain the download link for the original CricPK apk 2023 file. You can simply download the given apk on this page and install it to begin using the app.

What channels can I watch on the app?

The app hosts a large collection of channels of different channels. The entire library consists of over 50+ channels. These include PTV Sports, Ten Sports, WWE HD, Sony Ten, ATN Afghan, Geo Super, Star Sports and many more.

Does CricPK support HD streaming?

Yes, the CricPK live apk app provides high-definition live streaming for tv channels. All you need is a good internet connection to support HD streaming. Almost all channels can be viewed in high quality and with the best viewing experience.

Is CricPK apk safe?

Although CricPK is unavailable to download from the official google play store, this is simply due to the fact that this app provides free access to services that are not in line with Google’s terms and policies. As long as you download the app from a trusted apk source such as the one provided on this page, there is no risk in installing and using this app.


CricPK is a great option for live streaming tv channels. It has a diverse catalog of channels, ranging from sports, tv series, cartoons, and science channels. Its library consists of tv channels from multiple regions and in many different languages. It is sure to be a great delight for sports fans, as it has a large collection of some of the biggest sports broadcasters. You can easily download the app to start enjoying your favorite tv series.