How to Breed Legendary Dragons in Dragon City?

Dragon City is the best game where you need to build an entire island where you breed and feed dragons. You need to provide your Dragons with enough resources, like areas for them to rest, eat, play, and have healthy lives. Using codes, you can collect eggs to expand your Dragon’s breeding. When supposed to breed the Dragon’s breeding, you must assemble the unhitched eggs in the proper shade and keep them healthy.

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How to Breed Legendary Dragons in Dragon City

There are multiple ways of breeding, so today, we will provide information about breeding legendary Dragons in Dragon City MOD APK. Below are some methods that can help you understand how to breed Legendary Dragons in Dragon City.

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Different Ways of Breeding the Legendary Dragons in Dragon City: 

Three different ways will work for Breeding the Legendary Dragons. So, follow them to increase the breeding in the game.

  • The first and most popular method is to breed a Pure Dragon with a War Dragon, who has a 40% chance of breeding the Kratus Dragon, who knows both pure and war-type moves.
  • In a second way, you have to try and breed one of the many legendary dragons with a single element of legend. This can be done by breeding two pure dragons together; it can take a long time and is one of the only ways to get the legacy Dragon needed for a particular quest later in the game. Also, it has an estimated 1% success rate.
  • The third way is to upgrade your breeding sanctuary, which unlocks new breeding possibilities but only when breeding on the sanctuary itself.
Breed Legendary Dragons

Dragon City Breeding Legendary: 

Now, we tell you about different legendary Dragons breeding in Dragon City.

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How to Breed Promethium Dragon:

With a primary typing of light, it is a legendary Dragon and can learn natural, dark, and electric moves. There are a few examples; you can breed Promethium Dragon by combining.

  • Hypno: Photon
  • Zodiac Leo: Hypno
  • Genie: Howl
  • Evil Pumpkin: Zodiac Scorpio

How to Breed Medieval Dragons:

It is another Legendary Dragon famous for its flying skills because it can fly for hours in the air, and it is a master of currents and can change colors according to the weather. You can breed medieval Dragons by combining them.

  • Metal: Flaming Rock
  • Deus pet: Metal
  • Robot: Steampunk
  • Double flame: Double Metal
  • Oni: Metal

How to breed Mirror Dragon:

The Mirror is one of the tremendously rare legendary and lighting dragons in Dragon City. To breed mirror dragons, you have to combine the following types of dragons like 

  • Pure: Pure
  • Impassible : impassible
  • Snake: snake
  • Draconis: wind
  • Crystal: pure flame

How to Breed Crystal Dragons: 

Crystal Dragon is a legendary Dragon, to breed crystal Dragons combined with given dragons.

  • Pure flame: Pure nature
  • Pure sea: pure flame
  • Explosive: Ukulele
  • Immortal: Discus Throwe

How to Breed Air Dragons:

Air Dragons are famous for their flying skills, and you can breed this angel through

  • Legacy Dragon: Legacy Dragon
  • Mirror Dragon: Legacy Dragon
  • Pure Dragon: Pure Dragon
  • Crystal Dragon: Legacy Dragon


Dragon Breeding is the most important part of Dragon City; you must provide your dragons with better feed, rest, and healthy life. After reading this article, you will know different methods of breeding the legendary Dragons in Dragon City. We provide information about different dragons; you can breed a new dragon if you combine them. After reading all the steps, I hope you will easily understand legendary Dragons breeding in Dragon City. 

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